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IGC Server RC4

Released 18/01/23

Key Changes

  • [ADD] New event Blessing Box -> BlessingBox.xml
  • [ADD] Mu Roomy X3 game mode
  • [ADD] Changed event scheduler system for Chaos Castle to allow better control over event schedule (experimental)
  • [DEL] Removed ImperialGardian.ini file
  • [ADD] Added ImperialGuardian.xml file
  • [DEL] Removed ItemSellSystem.xml for Item Sell System plugin
  • [MOD] Renamed Item Sell System plugin to Item Price System and added new config file ItemPriceSystem.xml
  • [MOD] Extended ItemPriceSystem plugin to display actual currency type on item tooltip in shop
  • [MOD] Extended structure of LimitedUseCommand.xml plugin by Enable option
  • [ADD] Added configuration of artifacts mix to ChaosBox.ini
  • [ADD] Added option to HuntPointSystem.xml plugin -> AllowSameGuildBattle
  • [ADD] Added option to Common.ini , Guilds section -> BlockAlliedAttack
  • [ADD] Added lang bits to English.xml -> 823-825
  • [MOD] Increased camera frustum to prevent issue where monsters could disappear beyond certain distance even still in render scene
  • [FIX] Issue where invalid configuration of event inventory reset time could lead in crash
  • [FIX] Hide and Seek Event Plugin schedule configuration did not work properly on selected CPUs
  • [FIX] Boss Battle Together does not start after use of BBT option reload
  • [FIX] Game client gets stuck when clicking server select button after reconnect was initiated and then going to server select list
  • [FIX] Impossibility to enter 4th quest area due to instance error after certain time of running instance server
  • [FIX] Last Man Standing event certain scenario where event could not be finished, nor reward was issued
  • [MOD] Updated and fixed selection of game client files MiniGameRummy.ozg, MixGoblinSel.ozg, itemtooltip.bmd, skilltooltiptext.bmd, ruudshopviewinfo.bmd, Lang.mpr: 4ThTreeSkillTooltip.txt, BuffEffect.txt, CharacterInfoSetup.txt, Text(kor).txt
  • [FIX] Fixed default configuration of ZenDrop.xml, MasteryItemMix.xml, Item_(20,68,0)_Limited_Time_Wing_Box, BuffEffectManager.xml, MiniMap.xml, RuudShop.xml

Additional Information

This release is a TEST version of Season 18 Part 1-3. It is not recommended to use it on live server.

Files changed comparing to RC3

Client Patch

  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Interface\GFx\MiniGameRummy.ozg
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Interface\GFx\MixGoblinSel.ozg
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\ItemOptionSystem_Exc.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\ItemOptionSystem_Exc.xml
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\ItemPriceSystem.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\ItemPriceSystem.xml
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\itemtooltip.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\ruudshopviewinfo.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Lang.mpr
  • \Client\Client Patch\IGC.dll

Lang Pack (KOR)

  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\ItemOptionSystem_Exc.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\ItemOptionSystem_Exc.xml
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\ItemPriceSystem.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\ItemPriceSystem.xml
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\itemtooltip.bmd

Upgrade Patch

  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\MiniGameRummy.ozg
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\MixGoblinSel.ozg
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\ItemOptionSystem_Exc.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\ItemOptionSystem_Exc.xml
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\ItemPriceSystem.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\ItemPriceSystem.xml
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\itemtooltip.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\ruudshopviewinfo.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Lang.mpr
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\IGC.dll

Database Scripts

  • \Server\Database\2. Update Scripts\MuOnline\0.4.5.sql

Server Files

  • \Server\Files\1. DataServer\IGC.DataServer.exe
  • \Server\Files\1. DataServer_BattleCore\IGC.DataServer_B.exe
  • \Server\Files\3. GameServer_Regular\IGC.GameServer_R.exe
  • \Server\Files\4. GameServer_Arca\IGC.GameServer_A.exe
  • \Server\Files\5. GameServer_Siege\IGC.GameServer_C.exe
  • \Server\Files\6. GameServer_Market\IGC.GameServer_M.exe
  • \Server\Files\8. GameServer_Instance\IGC.GameServer_I.exe
  • \Server\Files\9. GameServer_BattleCore\IGC.GameServer_B.exe
  • \Server\Files\Data\Events\ChaosCastle\ChaosCastle.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Events\ImperialGuardian\ImperialGuardian.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Events\BlessingBox.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\ItemBags\Event_BlessingBox_(899)_Kill.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\ItemBags\Item_(20,68,0)_Limited_Time_Wing_Box.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Items\Drop\ZenDrop.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Langs\English.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Map\MiniMap.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Plugins\HuntPointSystem.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Plugins\ItemOptionSystem_Exc.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Plugins\ItemPriceSystem.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Plugins\LimitedUseCommand.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Scripts\ItemBags\ItemBagScript.lua
  • \Server\Files\Data\BuffEffectManager.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\ChaosBox.ini
  • \Server\Files\Data\Common.ini
  • \Server\Files\Data\MasteryItemMix.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\RuudShop.xml


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