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IGC Server Release T2

Released 16/01/24 00:33

Key Changes

  • [MOD] Updated MonsterList.xml default configuration
  • [ADD] Added DamageCorrection attribute to Monster List
  • [DEL] Removed lua functions from CalcCharacter.lua: Calc4thClassDamageFromUser, Calc4thClassDamageFromMonsters
  • [NEW] Introduced updated penalty system, new lua functions in CalcCharacter.lua: CalcPenaltyDamageFromUser, CalcPenaltyDamageFromMonster
  • [FIX] Fourth and Fifth class quest monster rebalancer do not work
  • [FIX] Fourth skill Magic Circles cause damage to certain avatars
  • [FIX] Possible false-positive detection by WalkSpeed system when riding Giant
  • [FIX] Certain skills do not cause damage due to INVALID DURATION KEY error
  • [FIX] Specific scenario when fifth wings are not visible on character
  • [FIX] Number of characters in chat is limited to 33 characters only
  • [FIX] Hunting-log is not always refreshed every 1 second
  • [FIX] Corrected default configuration of ClassQuest.xml and 5thQuestArea.xml
  • [ADD] Extended 5thQuestArea.xml and VipSettings.xml by ability to define specific giant award rate
  • [FIX] Warp Menu does not display map information preview correctly
  • [DEL] Removed luck option configuration for 5th wings (5th wings do not support luck)
  • [FIX] Information of crafted ability card did not appear after successful combination
  • [FIX] Fifth version of Pierce Attack skill does not work
  • [FIX] Ingredient items used within Top Grade Spirit Stone mix are improperly deleted after combination
  • [FIX] Blocked ability to use certain custom jewels on fifth wings
  • [FIX] Day/Night exp message is not properly displayed upon first character connection
  • [FIX] SQLSTATE error upon deleting character
  • [FIX] Fifth wings configuration is missing
  • [FIX] Wing Core level cannot be upgraded
  • [NEW] Added option to SkillSettings.ini: CloakingImmortal
  • [MOD] Updated /item command to support drop of ability cards
  • [MOD] Updated description of FormulaData.xml
  • [MOD] Updated Starter Buff & Inventory to support fifth class and giant quest
  • [MOD] Updated Starter Buff & Inventory to support set item tier selection

Additional Information

The version is not suitable for live server.


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