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IGC Server Release T8

Released 08/02/24 13:40

Key Changes

  • [FIX] Item could drop in safe zone/different map if max-hit player moved away before target monster died
  • [FIX] Range of selected knight skills was improperly increased after use of Sword Fury buff
  • [FIX] Effect of fifth type of Havok Spear was not fully applied 
  • [FIX] Player name was visible in Chaos Castle due to possibility of entering the event while wearing certain transformation rings
  • [FIX] Medusa monster could not be spawned using MonsterSpawn.xml system
  • [FIX] Setting a tier of ancient item did not work in Starter Buff & Inventory plugin
  • [DEL] Removed KnightStrongBelief lua function from RegularSkillCalc.lua, Sword Fury is permanent buff until it will get canceled via right click
  • [DEL] Removed KnightStrongBelief_MasterLevel1 lua function from MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua, Sword Fury is permanent buff until it will get canceled via right click
  • [FIX] Extra Damage did not apply properly when attacking monsters
  • [FIX] Wrath Strengthener buff icon name did not display properly (ENG/Lang.mpr -> BuffEffect.txt)
  • [FIX] Corrected missing quotation mark in MonsterSoulConversionDropInfo.txt (ENG/Lang.mpr)
  • [FIX] Corrected invalid quotation marks in Text.txt -> 5337 (KOR/Lang.mpr)
  • [FIX] Certain ability cards effects could g accumulated after use of selected buffs
  • [FIX] Selected AoE skills of Dark Wizard did not do any damage
  • [FIX] Ability Cards inventory could get stuck when was filled fully
  • [FIX] Corrected default configuration of ItemGradeOption.xml for purpose of fifth wings

Additional Information

This update can be used only if purchased license SeasonPass of level 3.


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