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IGC x17 P2-2

Released 17/06/22

Key Changes

Release of Season 17 Part 2

  • [NEW] New Elf Renewal - New Skills & Buffs
  • [NEW] New Mastery Fairy Shields
  • [NEW] Shining Tail Guardians (Normal & Rare)
  • [NEW] Fifth (5th) Grade Earrings of Daze
  • [NEW] Extended Mu Helper
  • [NEW] Kanturu Undergrounds Map & Monsters
  • [NEW] New Elemental Elf Muun
  • [NEW] Monsters Level Penalty System
  • [MOD] Extended item bags system to drop all items from specific section
  • [NEW] Added multi-buy system where multiple number of potions can be purchased at a time (keep SHIFT pressed + click to buy)
  • [NEW] Added option allowing to control 4th wings mix result, ChaosBox.ini -> Wing4MixResultSameClass
  • [NEW] Moved hard-coded drop of golden monsters to item bags
  • [REM] Removed golden monster related config from EventItemDrop.ini as a result of above change
  • [MOD] Changed monster item bag drop item belonging from "Last Hit Player" to "Max Hit Player"
  • [NEW] Added reward for Devil Square event ranks 1-5 configurable via item bags
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where it was possible to trap monsters at specific location of Nars map and abuse the fact
  • [FIX] Fixed default configuration of SocketItem_Upgrade.xml

Additional Information

Note for users of TEST version. Files changed between latest TEST and STABLE release are:

  • DataServer.exe
  • DataServer_B.exe
  • GameServer_R.exe
  • GameServer_A.exe
  • GameServer_M.exe
  • GameServer_C.exe
  • GameServer_I.exe
  • GameServer_B.exe
  • SocketItem_Upgrade.xml


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