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IGC x17 P2-2 S

Released 25/10/22 00:00

This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible.

Key Changes

  • [FIX] Item duplication vulnerability
  • [NEW] Introduced Raffle Event Plugin brining you 3 modes of game: Raffle, Lotto and Hit Order, for more info visit our store
  • [MOD] Modified attribute name in HideAndSeek.xml, Enabled to Enable
  • [FIX] CalcDefense function in CalcCharacter.lua causing improper defense calculation for all character classes
  • [FIX] Fixed default configuration of ItemBagsScript.lua for HideAndSeek event
  • [FIX] Issue where reloads of Hide and Seek event could lead in random NPC/Monster disappearance
  • [FIX] Issue where buffs could disappear when reaching certain buffs limit
  • [FIX] Issue where Golden Monsters spawned trough any of non-event spawn systems did not respawn
  • [FIX] Issue where Elite Monsters did not apply debuff upon successful attack properly
  • [FIX] Issue where splash damage was not applied correctly or was not applied at all
  • [FIX] Updated default configuration of CashItem_Info.xml to fix invalid configuration of certain inventory buff items
  • [FIX] Issue where certain Muuns could have improper info on tooltip
  • [FIX] Issue where in certain scenarios was possible to bypass connection HWID limit to local game server
  • [FIX] SQLState errors for battle Core Data Server related to Hunt Point system
  • [FIX] Issue where using Orb of Spiral Charge applied Crusher Charge skill and vice-versa
  • [MOD] Increased maximum number of ancient set options to 400

Additional Information

To assure highest quality and stability and to prevent item duplication on your server, we invite you to immediate update to this release. All versions of Season 17 P2-2 lower than will be turned off by 01 DEC 2022


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