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IGC x17 P2-2 S

Released 08/11/22

This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible.

Key Changes

  • [FIX] Illusion Temple event issues affecting the event-play time
  • [ADD] Alternative play-mode for Illusion Temple event allowing automated party formation upon event start
  • [ADD] Lang bit to file, English.xml -> 817
  • [FIX] Devil Square event boss monsters' position
  • [FIX] Fixed enforced drop of Excellent Socket Accessories with option +16 ignoring drop configuration for option
  • [FIX] Fixed guardian item defense does not apply after re-login
  • [MOD] Changed Shining Peak skill attack behavior to match original
  • [FIX] Game client get stuck after trying to get into Blood Castle event when already reached daily entry limit
  • [FIX] General issue of data not being loaded in certain cases when use newer SQL Server versions
  • [FIX] Blocked ability of using Jewel of Dark Soul on Pentagram and Errtel items
  • [ADD] Support of Event Map Ticket item (13,479)
  • [ADD] Support of character position change in character select screen
  • [FIX] Support of mastery Fairly Shield for mixes with use of Mastery Chaos Talismans
  • [FIX] Durability attribute does not work properly for Chaos Cards configuration
  • [FIX] Grand Magic Power Up skill tree skill does not work
  • [FIX] Default configuration of KindB attribute for Manticore Slayer items in sections 7-11, index 232
  • [FIX] Missing Gun Crusher class in LemuriaMageDefense_Level1 and LemuriaMageDefense_Level2 function in MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua
  • [FIX] Default SkillTreeData_3rd.xml configuration
  • [FIX] Options reload could lead in memory leak
  • [FIX] Item duplication vulnerability
  • [FIX] Experience gain abuse vulnerability
  • [FIX] Fixed PlayTime event vulnerability
  • [FIX] Game Server crash


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