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IGC x18 P1-1 S

Released 18/10/22 00:00

This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible.

Key Changes

  • [FIX] Issue where Blood Castle event did not start for Season 18 series
  • [FIX] Issue where buffs could disappear when reaching certain buffs limit
  • [FIX] Issue where Archangel Blade to Blessed Archangel Blade mix did not work
  • [FIX] Issue where Illusion Knight's mastery sets 2nd-8th did not display ancient options
  • [FIX] Updated default start inventory for Illusion Knight class
  • [FIX] Updated default configuration of ItemList.xml / item.bmd to open use of certain items by Illusion Knight 
  • [FIX] Blocked ability of using Illusion Avatar skill in Offline Levelling (temporary, due client bug)
  • [FIX] Issue where Doppelganger Invitation Ticket could not be used (13,125)
  • [FIX] Issue where Golden Monsters spawned trough any of non-event spawn systems did not respawn
  • [FIX] Issue where Elite Monsters did not apply debuff upon successful attack properly
  • [FIX] Issue where splash damage was not applied correctly or was not applied at all
  • [FIX] Updated default configuration of CashItem_Info.xml to fix invalid configuration of certain inventory buff items
  • [FIX] issue where certain Muuns could have improper info on tooltip

Changes of TEST phase

[ T3]

  • [ADD] Illusion Knight Mastery sets and Weapons
  • [ADD] Illusion Knight 3rd and 4th wings
  • [ADD] Illusion Knight Socket Items
  • [ADD] Illusion Knight Archangel weapons and upgrade to blessed one
  • [FIX] Issue where use of Blade Storm skill resulted in disconnection
  • [FIX] Issue where AllowSameEnhancedOption option did not work
  • [FIX] Issue where items were deleted improperly after Guardian Upgrade mix
  • [FIX] Issue where Elemental Defense/Attack buffs did not work for Offline Levelling
  • [FIX] Issue where JoL could not be used for Illusion Knight Cloaks
  • [FIX] Issue where Illusion Avatar attacked other characters (PvP)
  • [ADD] Added missing Illusion Knight Blood Angel Blade to Ruud Shop
  • [FIX] Issue where Illusion Knight skills did not work in Offline Levelling
  • [ADD] Support of character name change for Personal Store (requires Essential Tools in version - to be released later)
  • [FIX] Issue where Illusion Avatar could cause damage to the avatar's owner
  • [DEL] Removed configuration from file, GuardianItemOption.xml: BaseRate, RateDenominator
  • [ADD] Added option to file: SkillSettings.ini: DebuffSuccessRate
  • [FIX] Issue where special EvoMon was not spawned
  • [FIX] Issue where set options were no applied to Illussion Knight items
  • [ADD] Support of mastery item upgrade mixes for Illusion Knight 
  • [FIX] Issue where Knight class attack damage calculation was improperly applied while using Strong Belief buff

Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x18-P1-1/commit/988a7e22142196c93956d7718b05770b09370d02

[ T2]

  • [FIX] Fixed issue where third skill tree did not display for Illusion Knight
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where skill description tooltip did not display for Illusion Knight
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where starting conversation with selected NPCs resulted in a need of game client restart
  • [FIX] Fixed issue where failure to drop set item from item bag did not proceed with drop of regular sections items

Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x18-P1-1/commit/36d3dee98e6a985f6b7307da4b9781e7862d3a8d

[ T]

  • [NEW] Illusion Knight Character
  • [NEW] Illusion Knight Skills
  • [NEW] Illusion Knight Skill Tree, 3rd and 4th
  • [NEW] Illusion Knight Items/mastery sets

Details: https://github.com/srv-config/x18-P1-1/commit/a4c9f8a761a8b105e1a5c4b67b6ecfd0b018a682

Additional Information

Files changed against T3

  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\item.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\itemsetoption.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\itemsettype.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\itemtooltip.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\mix.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\muunoption.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\IGC.dll
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\item.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\itemsettype.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\itemtooltip.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\mix.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\muunoption.bmd
  • \Server\Database\2. Update Scripts\BattleCore\0.3.2.sql
  • \Server\Database\2. Update Scripts\MuOnline\0.3.2.sql
  • \Server\Files\1. DataServer\IGC.DataServer.exe
  • \Server\Files\1. DataServer_BattleCore\IGC.DataServer_B.exe
  • \Server\Files\2. ConnectServer\IGC.ConnectServer.exe
  • \Server\Files\3. GameServer_Regular\IGC.GameServer_R.exe
  • \Server\Files\4. GameServer_Arca\IGC.GameServer_A.exe
  • \Server\Files\5. GameServer_Siege\IGC.GameServer_C.exe
  • \Server\Files\6. GameServer_Market\IGC.GameServer_M.exe
  • \Server\Files\8. GameServer_Instance\IGC.GameServer_I.exe
  • \Server\Files\9. GameServer_BattleCore\IGC.GameServer_B.exe
  • \Server\Files\Data\CashShop\512.2014.124\CashItem_Info.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Items\ItemList.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Items\ItemSetOption.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Items\ItemSetType.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Monsters\MonsterList.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Plugins\HideAndSeek.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Skills\SkillSettings.ini
  • \Server\Tools\IGC.EssentialTool\Get IGC.Essential Tools.URL


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