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IGC x19 P1-3 Release S

Released 23/02/24 11:50

The package has been re-uploaded at least once, last time on 24/02/24 11:31. Details in Additional Information area.

Key Changes

  • [NEW] 5th Class & Quest for all characters
  • [NEW] Ability Core AKA 5th Tree
  • [NEW] Ability Cards: DMG, Skill, Option, Elite
  • [NEW] Extra damage type for characters: Nuke, Bolt, AoE
  • [NEW] New attributes in character extended statistics window
  • [NEW] Extra damage for monsters
  • [NEW] 5th Wings and Wing Core
  • [NEW] Fusion Skills for all characters, combined effects of different skills with renewed visual effects
  • [NEW] Giants: three types of improving moving speed robots
  • [NEW] New mixes of the wings and cards
  • [FIX] Corrected Explosion Debuff Damage type from pink (reflect) to white one
  • [ADD] Added DamageCorrection attribute to MonsterList.xml
  • [MOD] Updated Monsters configuration in MonsterList.xml
  • [DEL] Removed lua functions from CalcCharacter.lua: Calc4thClassDamageFromUser, Calc4thClassDamageFromMonsters
  • [NEW] Introduced updated penalty system, new lua functions in CalcCharacter.lua: CalcPenaltyDamageFromUser, CalcPenaltyDamageFromMonster
  • [FIX] Hunting-log is not always refreshed every 1 second
  • [FIX] Ingredient items used within Top Grade Spirit Stone mix are improperly deleted after combination
  • [FIX] Day/Night exp message is not properly displayed upon first character connection
  • [NEW] Added option to SkillSettings.ini: CloakingImmortal
  • [MOD] Updated /item command to support drop of ability cards
  • [MOD] Updated description of FormulaData.xml
  • [MOD] Updated Starter Buff & Inventory to support fifth class and giant quest
  • [ADD] Added new configuration to ChaosBox.ini, AllowETOCAWithETOL, WingCoreRate, WingCoreRequireMoney
  • [FIX] Corrected selected item names in ItemList.xml, item.bmd, itemtooltip.bmd
  • [FIX] Corrected unclosed HTML tags in Text.txt (Lang.mpr)
  • [FIX] Dump files are not always created by game client
  • [FIX] AG was not consumed properly when Grow Lancer is being attacked
  • [FIX] Personal store is not working correctly when load of server is split among multiple data servers
  • [ADD] Anti-Flood logs are now moved to separate folder
  • [ADD] MapServerInfo.xml path can be now configured for Game Servers
  • [ADD] Added configuration allowing to set maximum master level to gather 4th skill tree points
  • [FIX] PK is able to join Non-PvP channel from server list
  • [FIX] Item could drop in safe zone/different map if max-hit player moved away before target monster died
  • [FIX] Range of selected knight skills was improperly increased after use of Sword Fury buff
  • [FIX] Player name was visible in Chaos Castle due to possibility of entering the event while wearing certain transformation rings
  • [FIX] Medusa monster could not be spawned using MonsterSpawn.xml system
  • [DEL] Removed KnightStrongBelief lua function from RegularSkillCalc.lua, Sword Fury is permanent buff until it will get canceled via right click
  • [DEL] Removed KnightStrongBelief_MasterLevel1 lua function from MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua, Sword Fury is permanent buff until it will get canceled via right click
  • [FIX] Corrected missing quotation mark in MonsterSoulConversionDropInfo.txt (ENG/Lang.mpr)
  • [FIX] Corrected invalid quotation marks in Text.txt -> 5337 (KOR/Lang.mpr)
  • [FIX] Selected AoE skills of Dark Wizard did not do any damage
  • [FIX] Randomly occurred disconnection was possible during move between servers
  • [FIX] Ancient item tier was not set properly when issuing an item using StarterInventory.xml plugin
  • [FIX] Inventory Expansion did not remain after character switch/logout when applied from StarterInventory.xml plugin
  • [FIX] Connect Server used 100% CPU when trying to reconnect on busy UDP port
  • [FIX] Drop from certain monsters could be lost when Top/Last Hit Player was no longer present in game
  • [FIX] Extra damage could be used against elemental monsters of PentagramAttribPattern="2"
  • [FIX] ExtraDamageTypeCalc lua function calculation was affecting extra damage bonuses coming from items
  • [FIX] Bold extra damage attack range was incorrect
  • [FIX] Sword Fury buff range increase was not applied correctly in certain cases
  • [FIX] Period (expirable) items could start losing their durability in certain cases
  • [FIX] Reward from Boss Battle Together event could be issued improperly at specific scenario
  • [FIX] Fifth wings item data was becoming invalid when purchased from shop
  • [FIX] Ability card option Level/20 was not applied correctly
  • [FIX] Season Pass Period Reset was not performing correctly
  • [FIX] Character's Mana could go down after performing certain actions due to invalid calculations of Ability Tree options
  • [FIX] Hide Zen and Items on ground does not work for Anti-Lag plugin
  • [FIX] Fourth tree debuff field visual effect could get accumulated what resulted in decrease of game client performance
  • [FIX] Extra damage could cause a damage during selected events waiting period

Additional Information

  • Update instruction from T8 to S is provided within update package of the release,
  • Package has been re-uploaded once, changed file is IGC.DLL, resolving issue #2013 as per Bug Tracker,
  • Package has been re-uploaded second time, changed file is IGC.DLL, mix.bmd, resolving issues #2015, #2016 as per Bug Tracker,
  • Package has been re-uploaded third time, changed file is IGC.DLL, resolving issues #2018 as per Bug Tracker.


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