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IGC x19 P1-3 Release S

Released 21/03/24 16:05

The package has been re-uploaded at least once, last time on 21/03/24 19:16. Details in Additional Information area.

Key Changes

  • [NEW] Added missing Power Chicken mini-event
  • [ADD] Added Ability Card mixes configuration to ChaosBox.ini
  • [MOD] Added extended scheduler to Arca Battle event
  • [MOD] Added extended scheduler to Acheron Guardian event
  • [MOD] Added extended scheduler to Loren Deep event
  • [MOD] Extended BonusEvent configuration by start/end minute
  • [MOD] Extended Bots System by ability of configuring flag item (Flag & Shop plugin required)
  • [MOD] Modified structure of LimitedItemDrop.xml and simplified configuration of the system
  • [MOD] Enabled support of flag items in ItemOptionSystem plugin
  • [FIX] Item Bags could drop zen despite item rate was set to 100% (extremely rare scenario)
  • [FIX] Expired Unicorn could not be sold to shop
  • [FIX] Certain Ability Cards effect was getting stacked
  • [FIX] Event map entry limit reset failed if happened on turn of the month
  • [FIX] Hiding item glow effect did not work for AntiLag plugin
  • [FIX] Rewards were not properly issued at certain scenario for labyrinth of Dimension event
  • [FIX] Monster kill counter for CryWolf event did not work properly
  • [FIX] Inventory bundle option did not work correctly for elemental items
  • [FIX] Dropping ancient item using SetItemRate option from inventory item bag was bugging inventory
  • [FIX] Characters being in off-mode and summoned by party master could experience various of issues 
  • [FIX] Muuns repair did not work when character was in Off-Level mode
  • [FIX] Text translation of Flags Shop at Guild Master NPC was not possible
  • [FIX] Setting MaxDayMonsterPerVip in Hunt Point System did not apply configured values correctly to certain VIP types
  • [FIX] Configuration of ability to use specific item by class did not work for Flag Items
  • [FIX] Using /clearinv and /clearbag commands while having flag activated could bug inventory
  • [FIX] Transforming an item into another using Jewel Upgrade System could bug inventory
  • [FIX] Extra damage could apply in PvP (blocked)
  • [FIX] Chaos Goblin could be attacked by combo with damage higher than 1
  • [FIX] Period items were getting bugged in inventory if expiry time occurred during transaction time
  • [FIX] Helper Plus was not returning player to spot after death if player was member of a party
  • [FIX] Extra Damage was not applied to fourth skills of Grow Lancer class
  • [FIX] Selection of Grow Lancer skills could cause client performance loss on highly crowded areas
  • [FIX] Collecting required number of overlapping item was not resulting in conversion into new item at certain scenario
  • [ADD] Extended English.xml by language bits 848-850
  • [MOD] Extended DoppelGanger_DropInfo.xml by optional Durability attribute
  • [FIX] Game Server crash

Additional Information

Package has been re-uploaded once, changed IGC.dll, previously uploaded cert unsigned version.


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