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Found 3 results

  1. Version


    IGC.Inspector is fully featured tool that will always keep the server up and running thank to its simplicity is reliability. General functionality of the tool is ability to automatic run or restart server components if they are not in running state as also if they crashed. The Game Servers, Data Server, Connect Server as the other applications may operate safety now. Overview (please note that presented crashes have been forced for purpose of the movie) Features Works in background Possible to restart only if crashed Detects "Not Responding" apps and re-starts them Every closed app is detected right after was closed, and re-opens again E-mail notifications on App close/not responding/CPU overload/memory overload Start Applications as Hidden Fully protected passwords (unique key for every machine) Automatic restart application by hour interval Weekly Scheduled restart application NOTE: Can only be opened on IGC.Registered Machine. Application is part of Service that comes with one of available subscriptions of premium access. Cannot run the application? Application Crash? Make sure you have .NET 4.8 installed: .NET Framework 4.8 (including available Windows Updates)
    From €330.00
  2. Version Update 85.03


    IGC.Launcher (Premium) is complete and complex solution assures that players will always be kept updated with latest version of Game Files thanks to automatic update module. However, that's not all, the incredibly handy application is provided together with dedicated Designing System which allows to create Launcher appearance of your own. Features Launcher Self Update System Client Auto Update System - Patch based (supports HTTP & FTP hosts) File Replacement Prevention System - block players from modifying Game Client files + closes client if any modification detected (supports HTTP & FTP hosts) Launcher Custom Design System - supports PNG shadows / semi transparent areas - Server Time (12h / 24h) Game Server / Connect Server Status Lock main.exe to be opened trough launcher only Kill existing main.exe process if already active HD Resolution configuration for HD Resolution system (Season 6 / Season 12 or later) Launcher Multi-Lang - supports ability to translate all launcher text outputs Add multiple Client Languages to Launcher - additionally to English (Data\Local\Eng\), Spanish (Data\Local\Spn) and Portuguese (Data\Local\Por) - GMO Client only Account Registration / Password Change with Launcher - Register accounts from launcher, no need of web register Game Minimize / Restore / Hide to Tray Launcher minimize to tray Use with multiple Servers on multiple locations / IPs with 1 Launcher and 1 Client (all IPs must have active launcher license) - player chose server to play from Settings Unlimited Game Servers Status AutoLogin System (depends on igc.dll compatibility) - as of this moment, due to client issues, may be disabled in igc.dll Support for launcher-controlled custom Multi Language system Requirements Client Side Windows XP or later - x86 / x64 .NET Framework 3.5 (Minimum) .NET Framework 4.5.2 (Recommended - TLS 1.2 certificate support) [*]Server Side Windows 2008 R2 or later x86 / x64 .NET Framework 4.8 (including available Windows Updates)
    From €330.00
  3. Version


    IGC.ToolKit (Lite) is editor that allows modifying basic files of Game Client. Supported files and features are listed below. More extended (paid) version is available from here. Features: Encoding selection option Lang.mpr Encoder/Decoder ServerInfo.bmd maker IGC Monster.bmd IGC Glow.bmd Item.bmd Editor ItemTRSData.bmd ItemSetType.bmd Editor ItemSetOption.bmd ItemAddOption.bmd ItemTooltip.bmd ItemTooltipText.bmd RuudShopViewInfo.bmd MoveReq.bmd Editor NPCName.bmd Editor ServerList.bmd Editor Skill.bmd Editor SocketItem.bmd Editor CRC Value Calculator Item.bmd stats calculator News Manager NOTE: Can be only opened on IGC.Registered Machine. Application is part of service that comes with one of available subscriptions of premium access. Cannot run the application? Application Crash? Make sure you have .NET 4.6.2 installed: .NET 4.6.2
    From €330.00
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