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The latest update to the IGC Server Suite brings numerous of amazing features to enable succesful server. Plus, as ever, there`s incremental improvements.

Christmas Sale 2020!

Dec 22 2020 13:09

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Christmas Sale at IGCN 2020 at IGCN!

Get everything* 15% off! Use coupon: 30784D4153. Included in offer:

Server licenses

Plugins (require Premium Plus to use or Premium Plus in cart to view)* - Server Packs and plugins
Offer Valid until (including) 01.01.2021.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

Nov 26 2020 0:11

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 at IGCN!


Get everything* 15% off! Use coupon: 0xBF. Included in offer:


Server licenses

Plugins (require Premium Plus to use or Premium Plus in cart to view)* - Server Packs and plugins
Offer Valid until (including) 30.11.2020.

Pre-Sale! Get ready for Season 13 Part 2-2 - 15% off

Sep 07 2018 14:02

Season 13 Part 2-2 along with its fantastic features and range of improvements is close ahead.


You can now get it 15% off the regular price and enjoy Part 1-2 then get free upgrade of 2-2 once it is officially released. Get it in our store.


Check currently available features. Feel free to contact us for any questions.


Coupon code: S13P2_START
Offer valid until: 22.09.2018

God of Darkness is here..

Feb 25 2018 10:20

A recent update has brought a new battle to the MU Continent - God of Darkness. We are not mistaken if would say that he is most powerful piece of evil that existed so far.


Short Battle Description
After getting into the boss zone you can find his surrenders, Monster of The Swamp and Monster of the Water. Both are very strong. The Monster of The Swamp is tricky, may summon many helpers as long as he is alive. The Monster of the Water uses numerous of unique skills, and also has ability to heal himself in the recovery zone located within battle area.


Once the Monster of the Water is killed, his master, God of Darkness appears. Every daredevil who will decide to kill the the God of Darkness, must remember about one thing - avoid is the "Black Smoke" attack, which may kill immediately! Check out more at our YouTube channel.

Offline Levelling Plugin Improvements

Feb 19 2018 18:17

We are glad to inform that recently we focused our attention to improve Offline Levelling Plugin.


To range of existing and fantastic functionalities we added buffs support. It means that players in Offline Levelling mode may not only automate their attack, items pick-up from the ground, etc but buffing as well. The new feature allows to buff party members as well.


Another area of improvements to the Offline Levelling is attack mode. The new solution will assure higher efficiency of attack and result in higher count of killed monsters, what could be previously interrupted by unexpected attack target change and character walk away leaving the monster alive.


The plugin is available from our store to all existing Customers

Season 13 Part 1-2 is now available!

Jan 26 2018 14:16

We are very excited to inform you that Season 13 part 1-2 is now available from our store!

Range of fantastic features such as..

  • Fourth character class
  • Fourth Class Quest System
  • Fourth Class Wings and Graded Options
  • Fourth Skill Tree & Tree Enhancement
  • New Map Deep Dungeon and monsters
  • Guide Quest System
  • Items Division System
  • Mini-Game Jewelry Bingo
  • Favorite Warps List System
  • Chaos Combination Simplified Material System
  • New Map Swamp of Darkness and monsters
  • Lord of Darkness Battle (coming soon)
  • New Mastery Equipment Awakening Soul
..and much more! Check out complete features list