IGC-Network Services - IGC Server Suite x6 & x18 Series

Thank you for purchasing IGC Server Suite

You can read below a comprehensive guide with detailed instructions about important steps to take before and while moving forward with to product installation. Each section is carefully explained, using helpful screenshots when necessary.

Before installing the product you need to have properly prepare environment including hardware and required software.

1.1. Hardware Requirements

CPU Logo

• Processor

Minimum: 4x3.5 GHz Recommended: 6x3.5 GHz or better WITH AVX support

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• Memory

Minimum: 12GB, Recommended: 16GB or more

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• Disk Space

Minimum: 100GB, Recommended: 200GB - excluding Operating System requirements

1.2. Additional Software Required

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• Operating System - supported platform x64 only

Windows Server 2012 or later, Windows 7, Windows 8 or later


• Database Engine - for MD5 Support select x86 SQL distribution

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later

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• Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

Microsoft Visual C++ 2017+ Redistributable Package (x64) Update 2 Download - install on server machine

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• Microsoft .NET Framework - to be installed on server machine

Microsoft Framework 4.8 Download

WinRAR Logo

• Archiver - for extracting software shipped

Any which can support .rar extension, recommended: WinRAR 5.x

Notepad++ Logo

• Configuration files editor - for easier viewing and editing

Any suitable for own needs, recommended: Notepad++

LuaEdit Logo

• Lua Scripting - for easy script edit and syntax check

The only and recommended editor is Lua Edit

All configuration files are organized for Notepad++ editor. Opening them in different editor may cause their content display as disorganized. Configuration files should be saved with UTF-8 Without BOM (encoding tab at the top menu of Notepad++)

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Follow product licensing guides and get your license activated. You can do it from license manager.

Software requires selection of TCP ports to be opened on firewall/router for purpose of authentication of the software (outbound/outcoming direction)

  • TCP/50235
  • TCP/34339
  • TCP/34338
  • TCP/36132
  • UDP/123 (Windows Internet Time Synchronization Service)
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A bunch of important information before attempting database restore process

Wrong SQL Setup or improperly restored database often results in collation related issues. We advise to check the above once database is setup.

3.1. General

  • User for the Databases MUST HAVE English language set in properties
  • It is good practice to do not leave database owner field empty, follow database properties to set it
  • User privilege to server database should be set to Owner

No matter of selected database collation type the collaction must be Case Insensitive

3.2. Restoring Database

1. To restore database follow to SQL Server Management Studio and create new empty databases named MuOnline, Events and Ranking (or chose own names) - remember to select desired collation, see point 3.1

Alternatively, if you are advanced SQL User you may want to use DatabaseCreate.sql script

2. Follow to \Server\Database\ folder and open included SQL scripts in Query Analyser of SQL Management Studio

  • Me_MuOnline_MD5.sql
    This is database for purpose of advanced server configuration (shared account among different servers) configured to support MD5 - have chosen this one? Follow to complete MD5 installation
  • Me_MuOnline_without_MD5.sql
    This is database for purpose of advanced server configuration (shared account among different servers) without MD5 support
  • MuOnline_MD5.sql
    This is database for regular server configuration, configured to support MD5 - have chosen this one? Follow to complete MD5 installation
  • MuOnline_without_MD5.sql
    This is database for regular server configuration, without MD5 support
  • Events.sql
    This is database storing sort of Events information
  • Ranking.sql
    This is database storing range of ranking information
  • BattleCore.sql
    This is database storing informating for purpose of Battle Core server

MD5 Support for database without it can be added later if needed, however previous passwords will not be recognized by the encryption algorithm

3.Execute selected scripts over freshly created databases by opening them in SQL Management Studio and pressing F5

if you changed database names it is necessary to change the name in USE statement located at the top of each script, e.g use [NewDatabaseName]

3.3. MD5 Installation on Database

Few extra steps that is required to complete MD5 installation on freshly restored Database

MD5 encryption working only with (x86) distributions of SQL Server.

All database scripts come with implemented MD5 function, you can skip Step 3 then

IMPORTANT MuOnline database user must be also an owner of master database

  1. Copy WZ_MD5_MOD.dll to <drive>:\<path>\Microsoft SQL Server\'INSTANCE_NAME'\MSSQL\Binn

  2. Run the following codes in Query Analyzer on master database
    use [master]

    exec sp_addextendedproc 'XP_MD5_EncodeKeyVal', 'WZ_MD5_MOD.dll'

  3. Run the following codes in Query Analyzer on MuOnline/Me_MuOnline database
    use [MuOnline] -- or [Me_Muonline] depends of server configuration

    IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[fn_md5]') AND type IN ( N'FN', N'IF', N'TF', N'FS', N'FT' ))
      EXEC('CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_md5] (@data VARCHAR(10), @data2 VARCHAR(10))
        DECLARE @hash BINARY(16)
        EXEC master.dbo.XP_MD5_EncodeKeyVal @data, @data2, @hash OUT
        RETURN @hash

  4. Enable MD5 Support for Data Server in . DataServer\IGCDS.ini - PasswordEncryptType = 1

A range of different renewal terms is available to cover individual needs of every Customer

Are you about to renew existing subscription? Find out more on license manager page

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We are happy to look after your inquiry any time, our support will assist you in nice and pure English language.

Please make sure to get familiar with our support resources available from Premium Areas of the board

5.1. Support Resources

Server Tools

Find a range of tools included in the purchase that allows to manage the server easy way

5.2. Bug Reporting

License Logo If you found a bug in our Software please report using our dedicated areas, Bug Tracker

Please be advised that some areas or our forums may be restricted in use to avoid multiple channels or placing specific type of inquiries

  • Support over PM is not accepted (unless accepted by team member)
  • We fix the bugs, not discuss them if not necessary so no response for an issue can be excepted unless needed
  • Bug reporting over Private Messages is strictly not accepted
  • Other restrictions defined by Terms of Service
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