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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to Contact us if you have any other questions - we'd be happy to help.

    • Pre-Sale

      • 1. How can I pay for the service?

        Currently there is a selection of one (1) payment channels

        • PayPal (1)

        Do you want to pay trough not listed channel?  Ask our Support  is it possible to organize it for you.

        • (1) A PayPal commission of 5.5% applies to the price of the Product/Service for all types of transactions made trough this channel to IGC-Network Services

      • 2. Monthly fees, do I have to pay them?

        Yes, our service is based on subscription, therefore monthly payments are mandatory.

        Customer is able to select between two of available renewal terms which prices depends of service type:


        Season 6 Episode 3 (IGC.Premium) first month cost is €330 + selection of renewal terms

        • €24 every 30 days

        • €195 every 360 days


        Season 17 Part 1-3 (IGC.Premium Plus) first month cost is €530 + selection of renewal terms

        • €55 every 30 days

        • €275 every 180 days

        • €495 every 360 days


        Prices exclude PayPal Commission which is about 5.5%.

      • 3. What is the monthly superscription for?

        The subscription is handling ongoing support, updates and upgrades*. it is allowing to keep the services and products quality improving making sure of best level of satisfaction of Customers.

        * - Upgrades applies to IGC.Premium Plus only. IGC.Premium are entitled to updates and bug fixes up to Season 6 Episode 3 version.

      • 4. Do you offer Website or Webshop?

        No, currently there is no web related service or product provided.

        A third-party service offers a fully compatible website, check it out - WebEngineCMS

      • 5. Does VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Server is included?

        No, hosting must be purchased separately from selected service vendor. IGC-Network Services provides only software for educational purpose.

      • 6. How do I select hosting for my server?

        First matter to consider is expectation for the server, e.g. how many players we foresee to gain.

        • Up to 500 players a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is recommended. For any higher count of active player a Dedicated Server will be a better choice.


        Does the server suppose to be global or more like local/regional?

        • This is very important aspect while selecting our hosting. If we plan to dedicate the server for player of specified county(s) best option is to find hosting vendor within same country or any to which latency (connection - delay - time) is low. 

      • 7. What are Hardware and Software requirements for the Server?

        The requirements depends mostly from count of Game Server instances and online count. As far as the online count of players increases it may be necessary to upgrade your hosting configuration.

        Minimum requirements should not be lower than listed below - based on default Server configuration (2 Data Servers, 1 Connect Server, 6 Game Servers) with 90% players load

        Hardware Requirements

         cpu-icon.png  • Processor
        Minimum: 4x3.5 GHz, Recommended: 6x3.5 GHz or better with AVX instructions support

        memory-icon.png • Memory
        Minimum: 12GB, Recommended: 16GB or more
        hdd-icon.png • Disk Space
        Minimum: 100GB, Recommended: 200GB - excluding Operating System requirements

        Additional Software Requirements

        windows-icon.png • Operating System - supported platform x64 only
        Windows Server 2012 or later, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later
        mssql-icon.png • Database Engine - for MD5 Support select x86 SQL distribution
        Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later
        visual-icon.png • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages
        Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable Package (x64) Download - install on server machine
        net-icon.png • Microsoft .NET Framework - to be installed on server machine
        Microsoft Framework 4.8 Download

        winrar-icon.png • File Compression - for extracting software shipped
        Any which can support .rar extension, recommended: WinRAR or 7zip
        notepadplusplus-icon.png • Configuration files editor - for easier viewing and editing
        Any suitable for own needs, recommended: Notepad++
        luaedit-icon.png • Lua Scripting - for easy script edit and syntax check
        The only and recommended editor is Lua Edit

    • After-Sale

    • Product Management

      • 1. My license expired, do I lose it if will not renew it?

        NO, expired license can be renewed anytime later up to 12 months. After this time it may get deleted from our database. However if forum account is presenting any activity during this time then details allowing to restore license will be preserved.

        Renewal cost is minimum one (1) monthly fee of owned subscription.

      • 2. Where do I find my purchases and invoices?

        All present as the past purchases along with the invoices can be find in Client Area.

    • Tools

      • 1. Having SQL Connection Error?

        Make sure that the 1433 TCP Port is accepted in SQL Server Configuration Manager


      • 2. I am not active IGC.Customer with IGC.ToolKit (Premium) license, can I still use ToolKit (Premium)?

        Yes, as IGC.ToolKit (Premium) license is lifetime it is still possible to use the tool. To do it is necessary to request as change to MU.ToolKit (Premium) which excludes editors dedicated for IGC Server Suite files only.

        It is also possible to switch back to IGC.ToolKit (Premium) once Server Suite files license subscription is paid up-to-date.

        Switching from IGC.ToolKit (Premium) ↔ MU.ToolKit (Premium) is free upon request.

      • 3. Can I use IGC.ToolKit (Premium) on my personal PC?

        Yes, IGC.ToolKit (Premium) can be used on personal or any other PC its license has been registered for.

        To request IGC.ToolKit (Premium) license following instructions received in after-purchase Personal Message or submit a ticket to Premium Tools (license request) department along with requested details.

    • Server

      • 1. I see "Server is full" when trying to connect

        Connections limit is based on Hardware ID of player's PC. System used to generate the Hardware ID is the same as used for our files licensing.

        Configuring Game Client
        To Allow running only single Game Client instance on player's PC follow below steps, otherwise go to Configuring Server part


        • Run IGC.ServerInfoTool.exe from Tools folder of IGC.Server Suite pack
        • Complete rest of fields and save ServerInfo.bmd file


        Configuring Server
        We recognize two types of connection limits, Global and Local.



        → Global Limit

        Can be configured in \DataServer\IGCDS.ini under MachineIDConnectionLimitPerGroup setting

        This say how many connections can be opened for single Hardware ID for entire ServersGroup - that means for every bunch of 20 Servers, e.g. 0-19, 20-39 and so on.
        Applying the changes requires reloading the configuration by selecting from application's menu "Global Connections Limit" reload option, alternatively by restarting DataServer applications



        → Local Limit

        Can be configured under MachineIDConnectionLimitCount in GameServer.ini of every GameServer individually.

        This say how many connections of single hardware ID can be opened to GameServer it is being configured for.
        Applying the changes requires reloading the configuration by selecting from application's menu "Common Option " reload, alternatively by restarting GameServer applications

        Connect Server - Anti-Flood
        Allowing multiple connections to your server?

        Set reasonable high amount for simultaneous connections to ConnectServer for MaxConnectionsPerIP setting at \ConnectServer\IGCCS.ini

        ** NOTE ** To avoid potential inconveniences to players leave the setting at minimum 3-5, even if allowing only single client connection to server only. 

        This setting affects all GameServers that use that Data setting folder.
        Applying the changes requires reloading the configuration by selecting from application's menu "Common Option" reload position, alternatively by restarting GameServer applications

      • 2. I found a bug, what should I do?

        All bug reports must be reported under appropriate section of our Bug Tracker along with all necessary details allowing us to understand and reproduce the issue, such as:

        • Step by Step a way to reproduce the issue along with nature of the issue
        • Server Logs along with SQL Logs (full file, no snippets)
          • specify time and account issue presented on 
        • Data Server Logs along with SQL Logs if issue is affecting Data Server (full file, no snippets)
          • specify time and account issue presented on
        • Screenshots or movie presenting the issue


        In case of too few information provided or not fulfilling our requests in regards to additional information about the issue we may not be able to fix it.

      • 3. Why Game Client display level 401 or higher for my character?

        Since ex700 and for any later version Game Client displays a sum of both, normal and master levels.

        As far as the Server still recognizes these levels are visually displayed as total in Game Client in C window. The Master Level only can be checked under A window.

      • 4. How do I find index of Box of Kundun, Box of Heaven, medals or Heart of Love?

        Those items do not have their own index, are controlled by item level of item 14,11 (Box of Luck).

        • Box of luck (14,11)
        • Start of Xmas (14,11) +1
        • Firecracker (14,11) +2
        • Heart of Love (14,11) +3
        • Silver Medal (14,11) +5
        • Gold Medal (14,11) +6
        • Box of Heaven (14,11) +7
        • Box of Kundun+1 (14,11) +8
        • Box of Kundun+2 (14,11) +9
        • Box of Kundun+3 (14,11) +10
        • Box of Kundun+4 (14,11) +11
        • Box of Kundun+5 (14,11) +12


      • 5. How can I drop Fenrir item using GM command or how to put Fenrir to shop?

        Fenrir Item is recognizes as (13,37) and its type is controlled by item level and options.

        Item Drop command example to get selected Fenrir type:


        /item 13 37 1 0 0 0 - Red Fenrir /item 13 37 1 0 0 1 - Black Fenrir /item 13 37 1 0 0 2 - Blue Fenrir /item 13 37 1 0 0 4 - Golden Fenrir

        Shop Codes
        Old Shop file structure


        13 37 0 255 1 0 0 0 - Red Fenrir 13 37 0 255 1 0 1 0 - Black Fenrir 13 37 0 255 1 0 2 0 - Blue Fenrir 13 37 0 255 1 0 4 0 - Golden Fenrir

        New Shop file structure


        <Item Cat="13" Index="37" Level="0" Durability="255" Skill="1" Luck="0" Option="0" Exc="0" SetItem="0" SocketCount="0" Elemental="0" Serial="1" />
        <Item Cat="13" Index="37" Level="0" Durability="255" Skill="1" Luck="0" Option="0" Exc="1" SetItem="0" SocketCount="0" Elemental="0" Serial="1" /> 
        <Item Cat="13" Index="37" Level="0" Durability="255" Skill="1" Luck="0" Option="0" Exc="2" SetItem="0" SocketCount="0" Elemental="0" Serial="1" /> 
        <Item Cat="13" Index="37" Level="0" Durability="255" Skill="1" Luck="0" Option="0" Exc="4" SetItem="0" SocketCount="0" Elemental="0" Serial="1" />


      • 6. Can I add cash shop items to regular shops?

        Technically it is possible, however answer is no.

        Cash Shop items have been designed for purpose of Cash Shop only. Using them in regular shops may cause issues like no sell or buy price, impossibility to sell the item and other unrecognized ones.

      • 7. There is a packets loss for on my server, my players getting disconnected

        There is many aspects that may cause possible packet loss but mostly experienced among Customers is using single DNS configuration to resolve host names.
        Often happens that to connect to the server instead of clean IP address a hostnames assigned to the server IP is used. In that case it is worth to make sure that the network adapter configuration is based on at least two (2) DNSes.

        Very often VPS/Dedicated server vendor provide machines with a single DNS configured. How to proceed to add secondary DNS?

        • In Control Panel open Network and Sharing Center, on the left click Change Adapter settings
        • Right click on network connection adapter that is used and select properties
        • Left Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click properties below
        • In the bottom part of new window a Preferred DNS Server and Alternative DNS Server should be visible, if the alternative one is empty fill it out with the following
        • If necessary the preferred DNS can be switched to Google's one, however, if not having a reason to do it it is better to leave the preferred as shipped by the service vendor as their own DNS Server may be used to handle server machine service - good example is here OVH. If decided to change them both then set preferred to and alternative to


        EXTRA STEP: If not used then IPv6 can be disabled to close possible way to attack the server. To do that return to window of step 2 (described above) and on the list uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

      • 8. Cannot create Rage Fighter and Summoner in my server, what to do?

        IGC Server Suite files are based on GMO version in which Summoner and Rage fighter are available after purchasing their character card in Cash Shop.
        1. To allow players to create these characters from beginning (without a need to purchase character card) execute following query on MuOnline database
        For Rage Fighter

        USE [MuOnline] GO ALTER TABLE dbo.AccountCharacter DROP CONSTRAINT DF_AccountCharacter_RageFighter GO ALTER TABLE dbo.AccountCharacter ADD CONSTRAINT DF_AccountCharacter_RageFighter DEFAULT ((1)) FOR RageFighter GO UPDATE dbo.AccountCharacter SET RageFighter = 1 GO 

        For Summoner

        USE [MuOnline] GO ALTER TABLE dbo.AccountCharacter DROP CONSTRAINT DF_AccountCharacter_Summoner GO ALTER TABLE dbo.AccountCharacter ADD CONSTRAINT DF_AccountCharacter_Summoner DEFAULT ((1)) FOR Summoner GO UPDATE dbo.AccountCharacter SET Summoner = 1 GO

        Getting following error? DF_AccountCharacter_RageFighter' is not a constraint
        Run following query Sp_help AccountCharacter and check valid Constraint names for Summoner and Rage Fighter columns
        2. Allow Players to create these characters once reached specified level
        For Rage Fighter

        USE [MuOnline] GO CREATE TRIGGER RageFighterActivation ON [dbo].[Character] FOR UPDATE AS SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @AccountID varchar(10); DECLARE @cLevel int; SELECT @AccountID=i.AccountID FROM inserted i; SELECT @cLevel=i.cLevel FROM inserted i; IF (UPDATE(cLevel) AND (@cLevel >= 200)) -- Edit desired level in this line UPDATE dbo.AccountCharacter SET RageFighter = 1 WHERE Id = @AccountID GO

        For Summoner

        USE [MuOnline] GO CREATE TRIGGER SummonerActivation ON [dbo].[Character] FOR UPDATE AS SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @AccountID varchar(10); DECLARE @cLevel int; SELECT @AccountID=i.AccountID FROM inserted i; SELECT @cLevel=i.cLevel FROM inserted i; IF (UPDATE(cLevel) AND (@cLevel >= 150)) -- Edit desired level in this line UPDATE dbo.AccountCharacter SET Summoner = 1 WHERE Id = @AccountID GO

        One-click run script is shipped with Server Suite package.

      • 9. How can I enable Multi-Warehouse?

        There is few steps required to make Multi-Warehouse system work correctly.

        • Go to \Data\Common.ini and configure IsMultiWareHouse by setting it to 1
        • Configure MultiWareHouseCount by setting desired count of additional warehouses (max 255)
        • Execute the script over MuOnline database
        USE [MuOnline] GO -- Script adds additional columns to warehouse table, (Max 20 for TT's users) -- Edit to add more or less warehouses (depending of MultiWareHouseCount setting) -- To add more simply add extra 'ItemsX varbinary(7680) NULL' at the end of the script (before GO statement) ALTER TABLE [dbo].[warehouse] ADD Items2 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware1 Items3 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware2 Items4 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware3 Items5 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware4 Items6 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware5 Items7 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware6 Items8 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware7 Items9 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware8 Items10 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware9 Items11 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware10 Items12 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware11 Items13 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware12 Items14 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware13 Items15 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware14 Items16 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware15 Items17 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware16 Items18 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware17 Items19 varbinary(7680) NULL, -- /ware18 Items20 varbinary(7680) NULL -- /ware19 GO


    • Troubleshooting

      • 1. My Game Server or other application freezing, how to proceed?

        Most common source (99%) of such type of issues is related to configuration mistake, e.g. dividing by 0, missing end tag at the end of file or section, missing quota " or any other improper setup.

        All of IGC Server Suite applications are designed to create dump file (*.dmp) in case of application crash what allows easy investigation of issue source. However, the dump is created only after application really crashed and closed abnormally.
        If application froze - what means window is still appearing in front of the desktop but not responding - there is a need to generate the dump file.
        To do this (without closing frozen application) go to Task Manager -> Processes tab. Locate process of application to generate dump from (usually same as file name) and right click on it then select Create Dump File.

        The file will be created and saving location displayed. Compress it using ZIP, WinRAR or 7z and post along with report in our Bug Tracker. That will allow us to look into specified case deeper.

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