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After-Sale Product Management

  1. My server license subscription expired, will it be lost if not renewed?

    No, expired license subscriptions can be renewed at anytime later, however it is important to keep in mind the renewal price may be already different as renewal terms may change, e.g. due to price politic change or other factor, such as inflation.

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  2. Where do I find my purchases and invoices?

    All present and past purchases along with the invoices can be found in Client > Orders area.

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  3. Where do I manage my licenses from?

    All purchases license subscriptions can be found and managed trough License Manager. Additional information regarding product licensing can be found in guides section.

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  4. How to buy Launcher (Premium)?

    Launcher (Premium) requires active server subscription, therefore it can be purchased from License Manager area after purchase of server license. To get the launcher go to License Manager and click Buy Launcher button then proceed with the payment. Cost of single Launcher license is €105.

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  5. My server license expired, can I still use ToolKit (Premium)?

    Yes, it is still possible to use the tool, however every toolkit license is being turned into MU type instead of IGC for every not active server license subscription. The IGC version of the tool is only for exclusive use of customers of active server license subscription.

    To read more about difference between MU and IGC license type of ToolKit (Premium) refer to other article of the FAQ.

    Switching between IGC and MU ToolKit (Premium) is automated, dependent from server license subscription status, however may require tool restart to apply the change.

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  6. Software is detected as a virus, what should I do?

    What is false-positive?

    The false-positive detection is when files or URLs that are incorrectly identified as malicious by the antivirus program. For wider explanation please refer to the article: https://support.avira.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002183358-What-is-a-false-positive-Avira-Antivirus-detection

    Why one anti-virus detects potential threat in a file where other AV is not?

    Each anti-virus software vendor is designing the AV software using different techniques and uses different methods to detect a threat. Some methods may not be able to analyze files protected with "packing" software that are used to protect against crack. For wider explanation please refer to article of one of AV software vendors: https://support.norton.com/sp/pl/pl/home/current/solutions/v118593681

    Why some IGC software is detected with false-positive result?

    IGC is using software known as "packers" to protect own software against reverse-engineering and crack. This approach is protecting both sides, us as software vendor against illegal software cracking, and customer, who is served with higher assurance that purchased software will not be cracked and published in public. IGC software does not contain any malware or code that can harm, control or collect personal information from customer's computer.

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