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  2. Wizzy S

    [ADD] Extended NixesBossZone.xml by RewardMode reward attribute [ADD] Added new options to SkillSettings.ini, ComboSkillIgnoreSD, ComboSkillNotReflectDamage [MOD] Modified Lua formula ComboSkillDamage in RegularSkillCalc.lua [MOD] Moved RemoveReflectFlinch and RemoveReflectFlinchAllPets options from Common.ini to SkillSettings.ini [FIX] Rare scenario of SQLSTATE error that resulted in account connection status not being updated [FIX] Knock Back effect upon Combo attack pushed back attacker instead victim [FIX] Apocalypse Mastery Guild Charm was not taking an effect when used [FIX] Invalid spawn location after death in Boss Battle Together [FIX] Applying custom jewels could rarely fail even rate was set to 100% [FIX] Repeating same labyrinth level did not apply "repeat" points properly [FIX] Labyrinth of Dimension data was not correctly saved after completion of event levels [FIX] Removed Doppelganger Illusion Knight character from the spawn due to lack of game client support [FIX] Invalid tooltip description of Elixir items [FIX] Game Client crash when entering the game with selected characters, see "Recommended" comment for a solution: READ MORE
  3. Last week
  4. [10:51:51] [Enchant UI Mix][PlusItemLevel] Chaos Mix Start [10:51:51] [Enchant UI Mix][DeleteItem] [acc][nick] Minus Durability (12,15)(12) [10:51:51] [Enchant UI Mix][DeleteItem] [acc][nick] Minus Durability (14,13)(15) [10:51:51] [Enchant UI Mix][DeleteItem] [acc][nick] Minus Durability (14,14)(22) [10:51:51] [Enchant UI Mix][PlusItemLevel] [lebang4][ooKnight] CBMix Fail 0 / 75 Money : 670347035-4000000 [11], CharmRate : 0 Suggestion: add information about the item, which is used in the chaos machine. Reason: people often forgot to use a toka while upgrade, and i even can't know, what items they are loosing.
  5. sahminan

    Combo Skill Attack Success Rate

    Example: in GMO if you combo successfully, It will deal damage 100% even you still have SD Unlike in IGCN, It will still miss combo unless your SD is 0.
  6. the image is PNG with transparent background already
  7. Wizzy S2

    [FIX] Occasional scenario GS/CS could close with error 6 reporting invalid signature
  8. Wizzy S

    [FIX] Gates do not appear at specific stage/day of Imperial Guardian event [FIX] Boss Battle entry warps to Varka entrance [FIX] /eventinfo command result shows inaccurate timing for selected events [FIX] Data did not clear when reloading Custom Buff System [FIX] Pick up item notice (of NoticeSystem plugin) displays invalid result if same item index presents with different options [FIX] SQLState error when using Cash Shop search option on empty description item [FIX] Added Knock Back effect when dying from Combo
  9. Earlier
  10. Wizzy S4

    [FIX] Max speed configuration for IK class was invalid in CalcCharacter.ini [FIX] Screenshots do not save in Screenshots folder [FIX] Possible GS signature check fail [FIX] Selected plugins do not get active in S3 release
  11. Wizzy S3

    [FIX] Inability to db-insert cash shop purchase when description used invalid symbol [FIX] Game client crash upon performing specific chaos mix [FIX] Rare scenario of character delete that could cause data server crash [FIX] Instance server could "freeze" at specific scenario
  12. Hello! Is possible to add a color picker when we export the BMD to PNG image? Because the background is white, and a lot of weapons have white inside them. The weapon is mixing with the background and this is a problem for design purposes Thanks and I hope you accept my suggestion.
  13. Wizzy S2

    [FIX] Reconnect system stopped to work as result of recent changes to resolve other connection issues [FIX] Inability to enter Imperial Guardian event after being killed by event monster [FIX] Boss Battle Together event entry count did not work [FIX] HP recovery with use of specific healing potions did not work over regular HP (ignored HP added by buffs or items) [FIX] SQLState error upon deletion of character [FIX] Game client crash when opening Play Time event UI (change in Lang.mpr -> Text.txt) [FIX] Game client crash when using mouse scroll-wheel [FIX] Game client crash when killing EvoMon
  14. Wizzy S

    [NEW] Full copy of game client of S18 P1-3 has been updated to latest new version [NEW] Illusion Knight Apocalypse Set and Brilliant Blade [NEW] Cash Shop inventory search option (works for newly purchased items) [ADD] Added Mini games options reload menu [ADD] Extended configuration of Custom Ranks Plugins by MeetAllConditions option [ADD] Extended Limited Use Command Plugin by additional events info [FIX] In-game Helper improperly managed use of potions for non-master class characters [FIX] Boss Battle Together notification icon did not appear after multiple reloads of event options [FIX] Duration info did not appear on selected buff icons at the top of game scene [FIX] Character could get unlinked from account upon performing specific sequence of actions related to character delete/re-order [FIX] Event info was printed twice when running /eventinfo command if options reload was used [FIX] Inability to go to server select screen from character select screen when using specific sequence of actions [FIX] Default configuration of RaffleEvent.xml plugin [FIX] Chaos Castle (experimental) scheduler does not make Chaos Castle run for after it has run once [FIX] Issue with selected schedulers may not work on certain CPUs [FIX] Acheron Guardian scheduler did not work properly [FIX] Fixed default configuration of MiniMap.xml [FIX] Fixed default configuration of GateSettings.xml [FIX] Instance Game Server crash Details: List of changes between RC4 and S Key Changes of S18 P1-3 version [NEW] Brilliant (8th) Mastery Weapons and Shields [NEW] Apocalypse (9th) Mastery items - [HOT] ? [NEW] Crismon Apocalypse Sets [NEW] Third Cloak (Cloak of Death) for Illusion Knight [NEW] Fourth Cloak (Cloak of Hatred) for Illusion Knight [NEW] Mastery Weapons for Illusion Knight [NEW] Mastery Items for Illusion Knight up to Apocalypse Set [NEW] Ignis Volcano Map - [HOT] ? [NEW] Ignis Volcano Regular and Elite Monsters [NEW] Illusion Night Jacquard Muun [NEW] Artifacts System - [HOT] ? [NEW] Artifacts Chaos Mix [NEW] Boss Battle Event - [HOT] ? [NEW] Cash Shop Inventory search [NEW] Renewed Imperial Guardian Event - [HOT] ? [NEW] Imperial Guardian Event dedicated MuHelper - [HOT] ? [NEW] Max Master level extended to 1100 [MOD] Renewed Decomposition System [FIX] MuQuest system has been remade to support all existing quest types and system functionalities Other changes and fixes introduced during TEST/RC versions (included in "S" release)
  15. Version


    Each Map Drop Generator is a simple tool allowing to quickly generate base for a drop for Each Monster Map Drop System basing on pre-defined configiguratin. Tool can run only on licensed machines.
    From €530.00
  16. Bigman


    [NEW] (Editor) Handling of roof objects with option to hide on hover (also support for specifying roof object from external file) [NEW] (UI) Camera properties (position, rotation) can be set via UI (Editor Options) [IMPROVEMENT] (Graphics) Shadow rendering improvement and fixes [IMPROVEMENT] (UI) Map loading panel UI current map label is automatically selected when panel opens [FIX] (UI) "Browse" button in Export panel is not enabled in some cases [FIX] (Graphics) Transparent materials look darker [FIX] (Graphics) Visual issue with grass in some maps [FIX] (Editor) Possible rare issue with terrain height (v3) [FIX] (Editor) Unable to export maps
  17. MrJunior

    Ruud drop from itembags

    @johnnyssk I understand your suggestion and it really is something very important. But as mentioned if it's possible to do it another way I don't know if that will be seen as a priority. Besides, what's the security problem? Have the ruud boxes? If there are any security issues please let us know so they can be resolved.
  18. originalroot

    Ruud drop from itembags

    It will be good if IGCN can add option to add ruud as its now (item or ruud) or with new scenario (ruud + item).
  19. johnnyssk

    Ruud drop from itembags

    Yes, as said above im aware it can be done with the latest itembag improvements but for example i dont wan't any ruud boxes in my server for security reasons and not having this simple function in itembags is super weird. Im praying for this adjustment to be added in next updates.
  20. MrJunior

    Ruud drop from itembags

    The result is the same friend. That's what I'm saying. If you leave a drop happening always inside this drop you can send ruud boxes and the other drop you can define as you want. I use it like this and it works great, however yes I do agree that ruudgain has weird functionality.
  21. johnnyssk

    Ruud drop from itembags

    Im aware of another way to do it but you will still wont get the same result as a box will need to be dropped and not gain the ruud instantly, not to mention the amount of work needs to be done for such a small detail. Its just it doesn't make any sense to me the ruudgain function to act in that weird way. At this moment the itembags only miss this improvement to become perfect.
  22. MrJunior

    Ruud drop from itembags

    This is something that itembags really miss. However, there are other ways to get the result you want. Create specific boxes just for ruuds and add them as a "fixed" drop That way you can get the expected results.
  23. originalroot

    Ruud drop from itembags

    Vote, vote, vote! It's very necessary.
  24. Hello, i would like to suggest the ruud drop from itembags to be the same as wcoins to drop along with the items. I find this ruud drop only or item very outdated and itembags shouldn't act this way.
  25. Added in S18 RC5 or above MeetAllConditions
  26. Bigman


    IGC.LauncherPremium v1.10.1.16 [MOD] In case IGCLauncherOption.ini file does not exist (first time launcher opens) the default Realm Server and Database ID will be the first configured Realm server configured in Settings file (previously defaulted to 0) IGC.LauncherServer v1.4.0.4 [FIX] Possible crash on startup in case configured database is unreachable
  27. Wizzy RC4

    [ADD] New event Blessing Box -> BlessingBox.xml [ADD] Mu Roomy X3 game mode [ADD] Changed event scheduler system for Chaos Castle to allow better control over event schedule (experimental) [DEL] Removed ImperialGardian.ini file [ADD] Added ImperialGuardian.xml file [DEL] Removed ItemSellSystem.xml for Item Sell System plugin [MOD] Renamed Item Sell System plugin to Item Price System and added new config file ItemPriceSystem.xml [MOD] Extended ItemPriceSystem plugin to display actual currency type on item tooltip in shop [MOD] Extended structure of LimitedUseCommand.xml plugin by Enable option [ADD] Added configuration of artifacts mix to ChaosBox.ini [ADD] Added option to HuntPointSystem.xml plugin -> AllowSameGuildBattle [ADD] Added option to Common.ini , Guilds section -> BlockAlliedAttack [ADD] Added lang bits to English.xml -> 823-825 [MOD] Increased camera frustum to prevent issue where monsters could disappear beyond certain distance even still in render scene [FIX] Issue where invalid configuration of event inventory reset time could lead in crash [FIX] Hide and Seek Event Plugin schedule configuration did not work properly on selected CPUs [FIX] Boss Battle Together does not start after use of BBT option reload [FIX] Game client gets stuck when clicking server select button after reconnect was initiated and then going to server select list [FIX] Impossibility to enter 4th quest area due to instance error after certain time of running instance server [FIX] Last Man Standing event certain scenario where event could not be finished, nor reward was issued [MOD] Updated and fixed selection of game client files MiniGameRummy.ozg, MixGoblinSel.ozg, itemtooltip.bmd, skilltooltiptext.bmd, ruudshopviewinfo.bmd, Lang.mpr: 4ThTreeSkillTooltip.txt, BuffEffect.txt, CharacterInfoSetup.txt, Text(kor).txt [FIX] Fixed default configuration of ZenDrop.xml, MasteryItemMix.xml, Item_(20,68,0)_Limited_Time_Wing_Box, BuffEffectManager.xml, MiniMap.xml, RuudShop.xml
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