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  2. Anti-Lag Client Add-on Required You must make other people's armor invisible. Or make it look like Leather armor with low FPS There are a lot of changes in FPS. Please add the function to Anti-Lag Client i will buy it right away
  3. Yesterday
  4. siege Crown time can be set Can't add functions? very much needed
  5. Last week
  6. Wizzy

    Fixed issue where changing offer price in Personal Store could lead in deletion of equipped weapon
  7. Wizzy

    Extended RegenSpawnZone.xml by ability to spawn in random locations instead specific only Renewed Personal Store trading system, now it supports cross-channel trading within same realm Added Personal Store transaction history log stored in IGC_PersonalStore_Log table (log types: ADD_OFFER = 1, DEL_OFFER = 2, BUY_OFFER = 3, C Added lang bits to English.xml -> 804-806 Changed way of entering to Off-Trade, now personal store must be configured but cannot be opened - it will open automatically upon entering Extended MapAttribute.xml by AllowPShopOpen attribute Changed default locations with ability to open Personal Store, now it is only possible to open one in Safe Zones only Added options to Common.ini to control ability of using Personal Store outside safe zones, OnlineNonSafeZoneTrading, OffTradeNonSafeZoneTradin Changed placement of Zen price reward for Personal Store transactions, now it is paid to Gremory Case Fixed issue where tower buffs duration, coming as reward from Arca Battle Event, was hardcoded Fixed issue where errtel of radiance was always created with same option Fixed issue allowing to abuse Expansion of Wizardry buff Fixed issue where Elemental Defense Increase option of selected Guardian items was not working Fixed issue where Monster Soul Converter info was getting corrupted after cycle reset Fixed issue where DMG Increase LvL/20 was not properly applied for selected Mastery equipment Fixed issue where Wings of Conqueror were treated as 3rd wing type what allowed to abuse Attack/Defense increase skill of 3rd skill tree Fixed LightWizardDragonViolent_MasterLevel1_Calc and LightWizardDragonViolent_MasterLevel2_Calc functions in MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua
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  9. Hopefully you can give us some permissions to change the permissions of the parameters passed in lua scripts
  10. It would be useful to be able to modify the amount of experience arka buff give to players. 20% may seem too little or too much depending on server configuration.
  11. 现在没人回复更换许可证的激活码了吗?
  12. Wizzy

    Fixed issue with sale with coins for Item Sell Price system Fixed overlapping issue for selected Guild Charms Fixed Data Server crash
  13. Currently in Season 17 client, to add new items, ItemTRSData.txt in lang.mpr needs to be changed, and the client seems no longer read Local/itemtrsdata.bmd. However this is the only file that needs to be changed there and each time we do so, a new lang.mpr needs to be generated and shipped - based on the rest of the files in lang.mpr, there shouldn't be any need to generate this file after the interface is localized, since other custom item related strings are all stored in /local anyways. Is there a way to include a configuration that restores this setting so ItemTRSData is read from /Data/Local instead of lang.mpr?
  14. This is awesome! Custom monsters go with this and it's perfect!
  15. The topic is mostly about maps editor which itself has nothing to do with custom monsters but a module to add custom monster is also in plans.
  16. This is of course good, if you can give us the authority to add monsters, it will be more perfect.
  17. This is great news, is it possible to support C# or C++ to change parts of the game?
  18. Whoooa As a part of changes that recently happening around IGCN we silently working on a one of most wanted tool across the community - fully featured World Editor that will help you raise your server to unique experience level making your players fascinated in MU game once again. A short word about.. The editor is based on Unity Game Engine and planned support scope is about to cover all game client versions. It currently can support all basic features of object and attributes manipulation such as height, layers (tiles), light, objects manipulation (position, rotation, scale). This is just beginning The editor is a introduction to new era in MU when new Seasons will be created by the community, independently from official features! An extended plan is to bring support of custom maps, monsters, effects and more! Find below few pictures as a preview of upcoming.. that will shock the community. We plan to bring it on sale up to 3 months, keep watching the forums or discord to get updates. More information about pricing and sale model of the editor will be released at later date.
  19. Discord is the one of easiest way to talk, chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities. We introduce the new way to interact with clients and and regular forum members. You can find there selection of channels that will keep you up to date with most of interesting things that are happening at IGCN but also let you meet each other on some chit chat. Stay synced Apart of general discussion and other talk channels you can find few channels we use to push automated notifications about important news, available promotions and information about new software releases. Whatever was posted on forums will appear in Discord as well, the channels are: #news, #promotions, SOFTWARE UPDATES / #server and #tools. Ready? You can use it as system application or directly in your browser. Get it from https://discord.com/ How to join? Every registered and logged-in forum member may use magic-link invite by clicking discord banner on the right side of forums front page. This way our system will automatically detect your client status and assign appropriate role on discord (psss there are hidden exclusive client areas). You can also manage your Discord account association from your Account Settings. Your forum display names are automatically synced upon joining the Discord channel of IGCN Community, so we can easier recognize each other. We truly hope you will like the new feature.
  20. [FIX] Item Editor: pentagrams might be created with duplicate indexes if placed in Vault and account has multiple characters and there was already existing pentagram in the vault
  21. Steal PK Gens Point How to steal points from the same gens Requires auto attack control key Stealing the Gens Point of a dead character who killed anyone I really need the feature
  22. [FIX] Item Editor: pentagram does not load errtel information in some cases when placed in vault [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version
  23. Wizzy

    Fixed issue where option names did not display properly for Static Item Options plugin when game client was configured to use non-alphanumeric characters language, e.g. Chinese
  24. I need the ability to turn on/off the ctrl key for PK This function has been added to the mu-free server file in Korea. You can turn the ctrl key on and off with a shortcut. It's easy to do PK
  25. Hope to add a few days to open an Icewind Dale event. For example: open once every 2 days This way I don't have to do it manually
  26. sakicm

    Item Sell System

    hi, when you expand the currency list, please add a D V family contribution point
  27. Wizzy

    Fixed vulnerability to Item Sell Price system Fixed issue where check of required money was no processed properly in Limited Use Command system Enabled load of selected attributes from ItemList.xml for sections 17 and 18
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