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  2. Hello , i think the notification plugin for item pick up/pk/respawn notifications should not be in triggering in general post because they hide players post messages and there is no way to hide them. Please change them to be shown at whisper chat so you can hide them or in global message system like monster kill with the possibility to choose color of the notification text. Or maybe develop a command to hide such notifications , just giving an idea. Thank you
  3. I would like to ask developers to add increase attack speedy to the buff list of this plugin.
  4. The idea is to add to the system the possibility of adding a specific list of monsters that will also be part of the hunt gain, we know that inactive points are stolen through PVP. The idea is to add the possibility of gaining hunt points through the elimination of some monsters, it would be interesting to add directly to the file a list where it is possible to define which monsters would send huntpoint to players after the elimination of the same. Example: <HuntListAllowedMonster> <Monster Index="25" HuntPoints="8" AllowedMap="-1" /> <!-- Any map --> <Monster Index="50" HuntPoints="12" AllowedMap="-1" /> <Monster Index="350" HuntPoints="30" AllowedMap="51" /> <!-- Specific map --> <Monster Index="12" HuntPoints="2" AllowedMap="4" /> </HuntListAllowedMonster> This is just an example. It would be really cool if you cojitasize this idea.
  5. Last week
  6. Wizzy

    [MOD] Updated configuration of ItemOptionSystem_Exc.xml / ItemOptionSystem_Exc.bmd [MOD] Changed/Extended SkillAOETargetting.xml file structure separating configuration for Castle Siege and Arca battle events [MOD] Modified GameServer.ini of every Game Server extending logs creation/path settings [FIX] Fixed issue where certain account was not able to move to other channels [FIX] Fixed Game Server crash [FIX] Fixed Connect Server crash
  7. Wizzy S2

    [NEW] Introducing Hunt Point system as optional plugin available from plugins store [NEW] Introducing Map Move NPC system as optional plugin available from plugins store [ADD] Added minimum and maximum reset requirement setting to Map Move NPC [ADD] Added lang bit to file, English.xml -> 816 [MOD] Internal change to VIP System, now No-Vip user uses -1 instead 0 in database and files [MOD] Modified selection of files replacing old non-vip value of 0 with -1 [ADD] Added option opening ability of using TOL along with TOCA for supported mixes, ChaosBox.ini -> AllowTOCAWithTOL [FIX] Fixed issue where Elite Monsters of Wind and Darkness element applied debuff of wrong functionality, decreasing attack instead of defense [FIX] Fixed issue where Elite Monster debuffs did not have an impact in Wizardry Damage [FIX] Fixed issue where armor of mounts did not increase character's defense [FIX] Fixed default configuration of MapList.xml to resolve issue with Doppel Ganger event invalid location triggers upon character move/teleport [FIX] Fixed issue where character of account length equal to 10 could not reconnect to the game [FIX] Fixed issue where applying Elemental Attack/Defense increase on a target character did not apply the increase properly [FIX] Fixed rare issue where Chat Server did not process the data [FIX] Fixed Chat Server crash [MOD] Overall performance improvement
  8. Bigman

    [FIX] CashShop Editor (IGCN s10 and newer): error when manipulating record of multi-item type
  9. Earlier
  10. Bigman

    [NEW] Shop Editor (IGCN s10 and newer): support Grade, Guardian options [NEW] CashShop Editor (IGCN s10 and newer): support Grade, Guardian options (also remembers custom pre-configured SocketInfo item option, so its not lost) [NEW] ChaosCard Editor (IGCN s10 and newer): support Durability, SetItem, SocketCount, ElementalItem, Grade, Guardian options
  11. Wow, dreamed about it few years already too. This really will be a game change, tired to get donations for boosts.
  12. This will be a game changer! 😎 Dreamed about that since playing WoW
  13. Bigman

    [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support DropSection structure change [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support Grade items options (4th wings) [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support Guardian items options [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support SetItemCount [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support PartyDropRate, PartyShareType [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support [PlayerMinReset, PlayerMaxReset] in ItemBag::AddCoin, ItemBag::Ruud, ItemBag::DropSection::DropAllow [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support [PlayerMinLevel, PlayerMaxLevel] in ItemBag::AddCoin, ItemBag::Ruud [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support DropAllItems option (Type 1) in ItemBag::DropSection::DropAllow::Drop [NEW] EventBag Editor (Season 17 Ep.2-2 V2): support UseMode option in ItemBag::DropSection [FIX] MapAttribute Editor: saved file is corrupted in some cases (not saved with correct version)
  14. Wizzy S2

    [ADD] Extended Item bags with new attribute for DropSection tag, UseMode -> allowing to determine use mode of the drop section: all, party only or single hunt only [FIX] Fixed issue where Enhanced Fire Blood skill barrage count was set improperly [FIX] Fixed specific case where Game Server performance could noticeably drop [FIX] Fixed Data Server crash
  15. Transmog for MU - https://www.wowhead.com/transmog Would be interesting concept, then play 2 win servers can sell skins instead of perks 🙂
  16. and by the way, for whoever that use it, PlayerMinGReset/PlayerMaxGReset I mean, by Grand Resets too
  17. Problem: An user is required to control support characters in Arka Event to buff/debuff party members since you can buff in safe zone but cannot active helper. Solution: Allow helper to be actived in safe zone so support characters can automatically buff party members without the need of an human being. This will increase the free hands available for 'killer' characters (which is what most people want to play).
  18. Wizzy S3

    [ADD] Added config allowing to disable Anti-Speed hack table system, AntiHack.ini > EnableSpeedHackTable [FIX] Fixed issue where monster path was wrongly calculated what could lead in "empty" attack issue giving feeling of "lag" [FIX] Fixed issue where last hit given to dying monster was not displayed [MOD] Modified default value of AntiHack.ini > SkillDistanceCheckeError to resolve occasional distance check errors resulting in "empty" attack [FIX] Fixed issue where Muun Defense Increase option was not displayed under "C" window [FIX] Fixed issue where selected wing types were improperly displayed on BOTs [MOD] Modified item bags structure by wrapping all within "DropSection" tag to open possibility to drop two or more items for single player, check updated ### Item Bags System Description ###.txt for details [MOD] Extended item bags structure by adding PlayerMinReset/PlayerMaxReset to DropAllow, AddCoin, Ruud sections, PartyDropRate and PartyShareType to BagConfig section [ADD] Added lang bits to file, English.xml > 811-812 to support info display for selected commands [MOD] Modified MonsterSpawn_Group.xml system to allow display of killed and remaining monsters from spawned group [FIX] Fixed issue where Bond skill remained active within party range while players stayed on different maps [MOD] Overall performance improvement
  19. It's not adding an item list. Rather, it is a fashion item to be worn over the original item for beauty. Just like any other game in this era.
  20. drakelv

    About Custom CM

    There is unlisted custom Item Overlap system that you can do such exchange with command, the price is 150 eur. you can create ticket if interested
  21. We could have the PlayerMinReset/PlayerMaxReset and PlayerMinLevel/PlayerMaxLevel options in MapMoveNPC Plugin? I think that these options are revelant for a Warp NPC. Thanks
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  23. karai

    About the improvement of noticesystem

    This would be fantastic in the Castle siege Events, Arka and other pvp events To find out who killed who in the above events
  24. Would there be any possibility, to create / Add New item combinations in Chaos Machine? It would also be possible to add a module Whose, you could buy using some other type I deposit currency to buy items. Example: I use (200x)Jewel of Bless to buy an Ice Dragon(Rare) At the NPC. Would it be possible to customize this for the near future?
  25. It would be good to have an option in Common.ini which will grant the possibility to disable the use of mounts in safe zones. This would prevent Lorencia from being super laggy when multiple players are afk with mounts enabled.
  26. @kubaaa Just change or update your file because this has been implement!
  27. +1 to the post, but +10 for the below! "It would also be of immense importance if you could make these monsters when starting an invasion walk around the map. Our invasions are easily found by players because the monster simply stays 100% still waiting until a player approaches its coordinate."
  28. maxmanaman


    It's been 6 years. I'm still waiting with hope. 😭
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