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Hunt Point System

Applies to: Season 17 and up

Introducing Hunt Point System

The Hunt Point System adds new variable in to the game - Hunt Points and new ability enchantment buff that increases 8 character basic abilities

  • Defense
  • Mana
  • HP
  • HP Recovery
  • Damage
  • Wizardry
  • Critical Damage
  • Excellent Damage

Hunt points are split into 2 categories:

  • Active Hunt Points
  • Inactive Hunt Points

Active Hunt Points are already equally distrusted among the abilities from the very beginning, however Inactive Hunt Points player can distribute to one of his selected abilities without sacrificing a point from existing ones.

Each player by default starts with active 2500 Hunt Points which are equally split among all the abilities and granting a little bonus on each of the ability.

Once the player meets minimum requirements to join Hunt Point system, the server will bind a custom buff to the player which will display the enchantments, active hunt points and inactive hunt points in real time by using hover over the buff.

Screen(09_16-11_58)-0004 (2).jpg

Hunt Point Battle System

To gain more Hunt Points, players can battle between each other using command /huntbattle, they are moved to your predefined location, and become invisible for 30 seconds or until begin battle, the winner steals part of the buff and hunt points from the loser. The server does not generate new hunt points, they must be taken from existing players. Weekly the hunt points are reset, and the leaders receive an bonus Inactive points based on his week result.

Hunt Point Quest System

Players can give bonus to the abilities by completing quests (item based), these bonuses are applied to the abilities as extra without considering calculation of Hunt Points.

Hunt point System offers wide configuration / customization capabilities


Type: Server


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