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IGC x18 P1-3 S

Released 27/01/23 00:00

Key Changes

  • [NEW] Full copy of game client of S18 P1-3 has been updated to latest new version
  • [NEW] Illusion Knight Apocalypse Set and Brilliant Blade
  • [NEW] Cash Shop inventory search option (works for newly purchased items)
  • [ADD] Added Mini games options reload menu
  • [ADD] Extended configuration of Custom Ranks Plugins by MeetAllConditions option
  • [ADD] Extended Limited Use Command Plugin by additional events info
  • [FIX] In-game Helper improperly managed use of potions for non-master class characters
  • [FIX] Boss Battle Together notification icon did not appear after multiple reloads of event options
  • [FIX] Duration info did not appear on selected buff icons at the top of game scene
  • [FIX] Character could get unlinked from account upon performing specific sequence of actions related to character delete/re-order
  • [FIX] Event info was printed twice when running /eventinfo command if options reload was used
  • [FIX] Inability to go to server select screen from character select screen when using specific sequence of actions
  • [FIX] Default configuration of RaffleEvent.xml plugin
  • [FIX] Chaos Castle (experimental) scheduler does not make Chaos Castle run for after it has run once
  • [FIX] Issue with selected schedulers may not work on certain CPUs
  • [FIX] Acheron Guardian scheduler did not work properly
  • [FIX] Fixed default configuration of MiniMap.xml
  • [FIX] Fixed default configuration of GateSettings.xml
  • [FIX] Instance Game Server crash
  • Details: List of changes between RC4 and S


Key Changes of S18 P1-3 version

  • [NEW] Brilliant (8th) Mastery Weapons and Shields
  • [NEW] Apocalypse (9th) Mastery items - [HOT] ?
  • [NEW] Crismon Apocalypse Sets
  • [NEW] Third Cloak (Cloak of Death) for Illusion Knight
  • [NEW] Fourth Cloak (Cloak of Hatred) for Illusion Knight
  • [NEW] Mastery Weapons for Illusion Knight
  • [NEW] Mastery Items for Illusion Knight up to Apocalypse Set
  • [NEW] Ignis Volcano Map - [HOT] ?
  • [NEW] Ignis Volcano Regular and Elite Monsters
  • [NEW] Illusion Night Jacquard Muun
  • [NEW] Artifacts System - [HOT] ?
  • [NEW] Artifacts Chaos Mix
  • [NEW] Boss Battle Event - [HOT] ?
  • [NEW] Cash Shop Inventory search
  • [NEW] Renewed Imperial Guardian Event - [HOT] ?
  • [NEW] Imperial Guardian Event dedicated MuHelper - [HOT] ?
  • [NEW] Max Master level extended to 1100
  • [MOD] Renewed Decomposition System
  • [FIX] MuQuest system has been remade to support all existing quest types and system functionalities


Other changes and fixes introduced during TEST/RC versions (included in "S" release)

  • [FIX] Exp Increase option for Static Item Option plugin does not apply the bonus
  • [FIX] Possible Game Client crash
  • [MOD] Improved translations in Text.txt and modified Relationevent.txt (Lang.mpr)
  • [ADD] Play Time event as a part of Anniversary Event
  • [DEL] Removed PlayTime.ini file from \Data\Events\
  • [MOD] Increased limit if mastery mix ingredients list to 2400
  • [MOD] Modified /item command by adding extra parameter of durability
  • [FIX] Exp bar color display according to character class
  • [FIX] Hide & Seek event schedule does not follow configuration properly
  • [FIX] Exp increase for Static Option Plugin does not work in certain scenario
  • [FIX] Same harmony option is being granted to item occasionally
  • [MOD] Changed location of files from \Data\Customs\ to \Data\Plugins\
  • [MOD] Added VipConditonMandatory option to CustomRanks.xml
  • [MOD] Refreshed functionality of LimitedUseCommand plugin
  • [FIX] Boss Battle Together event timers did not work properly when modified from default
  • [FIX] ResetMasterSkillTree.sql does not reset skill tree properly
  • [ADD] New event Blessing Box -> BlessingBox.xml
  • [ADD] Mu Roomy X3 game mode
  • [ADD] Changed event scheduler system for Chaos Castle to allow better control over event schedule
  • [DEL] Removed ImperialGardian.ini file
  • [ADD] Added ImperialGuardian.xml file
  • [DEL] Removed ItemSellSystem.xml for Item Sell System plugin
  • [MOD] Renamed Item Sell System plugin to Item Price System and added new config file ItemPriceSystem.xml
  • [MOD] Extended ItemPriceSystem plugin to display actual currency type on item tooltip in shop
  • [MOD] Extended structure of LimitedUseCommand.xml plugin by Enable option
  • [ADD] Added configuration of artifacts mix to ChaosBox.ini
  • [ADD] Added option to HuntPointSystem.xml plugin -> AllowSameGuildBattle
  • [ADD] Added option to Common.ini , Guilds section -> BlockAlliedAttack
  • [ADD] Added lang bits to English.xml -> 823-825
  • [MOD] Increased camera frustum to prevent issue where monsters could disappear beyond certain distance even still in render scene
  • [FIX] Issue where invalid configuration of event inventory reset time could lead in crash
  • [FIX] Game client gets stuck when clicking server select button after reconnect was initiated and then going to server select list
  • [FIX] Impossibility to enter 4th quest area due to instance error after certain time of running instance server
  • [FIX] Last Man Standing event certain scenario where event could not be finished, nor reward was issued
  • [MOD] Updated and fixed selection of game client files MiniGameRummy.ozg, MixGoblinSel.ozg, itemtooltip.bmd, skilltooltiptext.bmd, ruudshopviewinfo.bmd, Lang.mpr: 4ThTreeSkillTooltip.txt, BuffEffect.txt, CharacterInfoSetup.txt, Text(kor).txt


Additional Information

Are all features of Season 18 P1-3 are completed?

Yes, they are. Official features information listed below (to access links below you may need to use Korean VPN or Google Translate Service)

Where I can download the files?

How to update?

Installation instruction is provided inside update package.

Is game client upgrade patch available?

It is provided within update package. Refer to REAME files included.

What features are not yet working?

  • All existing and new features should work

Other notes

  • If porting custom items from Season 18 Part 1-1 version, there is a need to recalculate scale value in ItemTRSData.txt (Lang.mpr). To do this multiply old value by 220. To speed it up an Excel can be used for this.


Files changed between RC4 and S


Client Patch

  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\CustomRank.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\CustomRank.xml
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\item.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\itemsetoption.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\itemsettype.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\itemtooltip.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\itemtooltiptext.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\mix.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Local\muunrenderinfo.bmd
  • \Client\Client Patch\Data\Lang.mpr
  • \Client\Client Patch\IGC.dll

Extra Lang Patch (KOR)

  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\CustomRank.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\CustomRank.xml
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\item.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\itemsetoption.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\itemsettype.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\itemtooltip.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\itemtooltiptext.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\mix.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Local\muunrenderinfo.bmd
  • \Client\Extra Lang Packs\KOR\Data\Lang.mpr

Client Upgrade Patch

  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\GFx\IngameShop.ozg
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\GFx\IngameShop_I3.ozd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\GFx\MasterSkillTree.ozg
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\GFx\MiniGameRummy.ozg
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\GFx\MixGoblinSel.ozg
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\GFx\SkillTree4th.ozg
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\InGameShop\IGS_Storage_Page.OZT
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\InGameShop\IGS_Storage_Page_Left.OZT
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\InGameShop\IGS_Storage_Page_Left2.OZT
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\InGameShop\IGS_Storage_Page_Right.OZT
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\InGameShop\IGS_Storage_Page_Right2.OZT
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\InGameShop\ingame_Box_name02.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\InGameShop\ingame_Bt100.OZT
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Interface\InGameShop\Ingame_Shopback.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Item\texture\alpha_line2mono2.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Item\texture\brilliantblade01.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Item\texture\brilliantblade02.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Item\texture\brilliantblade03.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Item\blade12.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\CustomRank.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\CustomRank.xml
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\item.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\itemsetoption.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\itemsettype.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\itemtooltip.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\itemtooltiptext.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\mix.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Local\muunrenderinfo.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\black_rabbit.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\blackrabbit_blue.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\blackrabbit_green.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\blackrabbit_purple.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\blackrabbit_red.OZJ
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\monster421.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\monster422.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\monster423.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Monster\monster424.bmd
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\Data\Lang.mpr
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\IGC.dll
  • \Client\Upgrade Patch\Patch\main.exe

Database Scripts

  • \Server\Database\2. Update Scripts\MuOnline
  • \Server\Database\2. Update Scripts\MuOnline\0.4.6.sql

Server Files

  • \Server\Files\1. DataServer\IGC.DataServer.exe
  • \Server\Files\1. DataServer_BattleCore\IGC.DataServer_B.exe
  • \Server\Files\2. ConnectServer\IGC.ConnectServer.exe
  • \Server\Files\3. GameServer_Regular\IGC.GameServer_R.exe
  • \Server\Files\4. GameServer_Arca\IGC.GameServer_A.exe
  • \Server\Files\5. GameServer_Siege\IGC.GameServer_C.exe
  • \Server\Files\6. GameServer_Market\IGC.GameServer_M.exe
  • \Server\Files\8. GameServer_Instance\IGC.GameServer_I.exe
  • \Server\Files\9. GameServer_BattleCore\IGC.GameServer_B.exe
  • \Server\Files\Data\Items\ItemList.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Items\ItemSetOption.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Map\MiniMap.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Monsters\MonsterList.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Plugins\CustomRanks.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Plugins\LimitedUseCommand.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Plugins\RaffleEvent.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Skills\SkillList.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\Warps\GateSettings.xml
  • \Server\Files\Data\MasteryItemMix.xml


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