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IGC x18 P1-3 Release S

Released 09/05/24 12:28

The package has been re-uploaded at least once, last time on 10/05/24 11:36. Details in Additional Information area.

Key Changes

[FIX] Period items could lose durability at certain scenario
[FIX] Period items could get corrupted during trade if expiry date was reached at the time
[FIX] Game client UI could get locked after processing certain chaos mixes
[FIX] Last item of MuQuest missions cannot be picked up from ground what made quest completion impossible
[FIX] JoH bonus option not being reset after granting new options
[FIX] Character/item preview does not work correctly for certain classes when character is created with use of Started Buff & Inventory Plugin
[FIX] Corrected Explosion Debuff Damage type from pink (reflect) to white one
[ADD] Added support of using Buff Items to Off-Level
[FIX] Meteor Storm was not working in Off-level mode
[ADD] New options to control HP limits for Berserker and Darkness skills
[FIX] HP status is not updated after use of Berserker or Darkness skills
[FIX] Elemental Damage was incorrectly calculated for Combat Power based character classes
[FIX] Nix Boss Zone could be abused at certain scenario
[FIX] Hunting Record did not always refresh correctly
[FIX] Helper Plus could not be disabled entirely using Enable attribute
[FIX] Inventory Lucky items exchange was not applying luck/skill/option correctly
[FIX] Number of moves was calculated wrongly, therefore the Labyrinth of Dimension Goblin could not always appear
[FIX] Last/Most hit damage does not work correctly when accumulated damage will get above 2147483647, now it supports max 18446744073709551615
[FIX] Drop from certain monsters could be lost when Top/Last Hit Player was no longer present in game
[FIX] Item could drop in safe zone/different map if max-hit player moved away before target monster died
[FIX] Reward from Boss Battle Together event could be issued improperly at specific scenario
[FIX] Artifact options may come with invalid value when dropped from item bag
[ADD] Improved Reset System by adding ability to reset skill tree: ResetMasterSkillTree, SkillTreePointsReturnMode
[ADD] Added "SkillTreePointsReturnReductionPercent" option to Reset System configuration
[FIX] MultiplyStatsByReset setting did not work properly for Reset System
[FIX] Corrected logic of issuing milestone reward for Reset System, before milestone was issued when passing to next range, now it is issued when reaching max reset of current range
[FIX] Corrected default configuration of ResetSystem.xml file
[FIX] DropFlag for SetItemMonsterBag was not working as described if set to 1
[FIX] 4th Class Quest monsters rebalancer was not working
[FIX] GameServer crash

Additional Information

Package has been re-uploaded once, changed all GameServer.exe binaries to resolve scenario of possible negative HP after use of Darkness/Berserker skills.


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