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IGC x18 P1-3 Release S

Released 02/03/23 00:00

This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible.

Key Changes

  • [MOD] Improved shop NPCs text speak system, changed ShopList.xml file structure
  • [MOD] Changed default configuration of CustomRank.xml to disabled
  • [MOD] Changed default configuration of ItemPriceSystem.xml to prevent price currency type display issue for users not having the plugin
  • [FIX] Ancient option 'Increase 15% wiz damage' did not work correctly
  • [FIX] Damage barrage for selected skills did not display correctly in game: chaotic Diseier, Gigantic Storm, Fire Burst, Lighting Shock, Ice Blast, Flame
  • [FIX] Artifact options did not apply after character switch or reconnect
  • [FIX] Shining Tail guardian '3% chance of health recovery' option displayed increased by 0
  • [FIX] Top accumulated damage reward for Boss Battle Together event was not applied correctly
  • [FIX] Possible black screen issue upon joining a server in specific scenario
  • [FIX] Third set of artifact option did not work
  • [FIX] Selection of Artifact options did not work correctly
  • [FIX] Cash Shop gift was not sent when gift message exceeded 40 characters
  • [FIX] Possible abuse of Blood Angel Chaos Guild Charm Fragment overlap number
  • [FIX] Selected monsters were missing configuration of their skills
  • [FIX] Possible game client performance loss during Castle Siege event
  • [DEL] Removed SkillSpear.hit from \Data\Skills\ folder


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