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IGC x18 P1-3 Release S

Released 16/03/23 00:00

Key Changes

  • [MOD] Improved English translations of Text.txt (Lang.mpr)
  • [MOD] Changed HWID connection limit to IP connection limit in IGCDS.ini and GameServer.ini (changed configuration key names)
  • [NEW] New connection limit for Off-Players (Off-Trading and Off-Leveling) in IGCDS.ini and GameServer.ini
  • [MOD] Summoner skills Berserker, Weakness and Innovation have been reworked, new formals have been applied, check FormulaData.xml, Character section, formulas 0-8
  • [MOD] Reworked Party Matching to resolve general issues with the system (existing parties will be removed upon update)
  • [ADD] Support of cross-channel Party and Helper move (work on regular and siege game servers only)
  • [FIX] Invite Friend (to party) option from Friends list was not working
  • [MOD] Modified party level gap behavior (PartyMaxLevelGap), check Common.ini for details
  • [FIX] Reward for MuRummy mini-game was processed on invalid terms, modified MuRummy.ini
  • [FIX] Changed reward item bags for MuRummy mini-game, modified ItemBagsScript.lua
  • [DEL] Removed Event_MuRummy_Reward_1.xml, Event_MuRummy_Reward_2.xml, Event_MuRummy_Reward_3.xml
  • [ADD] Added lang bits 827-829 to English.xml
  • [FIX] Blocked ability to sell excellent accessories of 4-5 sockets in Cash Shop
  • [FIX] Players getting unexpectedly kicked from Imperial Guardian event
  • [FIX] Bound Bless of Light being used by MuHelper before expiration of already applied buff
  • [FIX] Rare scenario where Ruud could be nulled upon enforced character disconnection
  • [DEL] Removed obsolete Lua formulas from RegularSkillCalc.lua and MasterSkillCalc_3rd.lua: SummonerWeakness_Monster, SummonerWeakness_PvP, SummonerInnovation_Monster, SummonerInnovation_PvP, SummonerBerserker, SummonerDarkness, SummonerWeakness_Monster_Level1, SummonerWeakness_PvP_Level1, SummonerInnovation_Monster_Level1, SummonerInnovation_PvP_Level1, SummonerWeakness_Monster_Level2, SummonerWeakness_PvP_Level2, SummonerInnovation_Monster_Level2, SummonerInnovation_PvP_Level2, SummonerBerserker_Level1, SummonerBerserker_Level2, SummonerDarkness_Level1, SummonerDarkness_Level2


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