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IGC x18 P2-2 Release S

Released 12/10/23 23:35

The package has been re-uploaded at least once, last time on 14/10/23 21:38. Details in Additional Information area.

Key Changes

  • [ADD] New and original formulas to build value of exp needed for next level (current Lua based system becomes optional, see installation notes for details)
  • [ADD] New options to control rate of Luck and Skill on drop of ancient items
  • [ADD] New option to control ability to use custom jewels with event wings
  • [ADD] New options to control HP limits for Berserker and Darkness skills
  • [ADD] Support of Fourth Wings options for Jewel Upgrade plugin
  • [MOD] When item kind A is different between source and reward item in Jewel Upgrade plugin, the system will use reward configuration to set actual number of e.g. excellent options instead first blindly copying options from source item that may not match reward item
  • [FIX] Use of customs jewels from Jewel Upgrade plugin with wings did not properly add excellent options
  • [FIX] Certain skills configuration in MuHelper does not work during Offline Leveling
  • [FIX] HP status is not updated after use of Berserker or Darkness skills
  • [FIX] AllowSameOptionMasteryPentagram option not working
  • [FIX] Certain situation when BOTs could not be used because of a conflict with account lock system
  • [FIX] SeasonPass mission reset does not work resulting in visual issues
  • [FIX] Possible performance issues related to SeasonPass causing DataServer queue(1) to increase
  • [FIX] Number of moves was calculated wrongly, therefore the Labyrinth of Dimension Goblin could not always appear
  • [MOD] Cleaned up AntiHack.ini from obsolete options
  • [DEL] Removed item bags: Event_CastleSiege_Winner_GuildMaster_Reward.xml, Event_ArcaBattle_Winner_GuildMaster_Reward.xml
  • [ADD] New item bags for Castle Siege winners and losers, Main and Alliance Guilds
  • [ADD] New item bags for Arca Battle Winning and Losing Guilds
  • [MOD] Reordered load of item bags in ItemBagsScript.lua to better organize new item bags (edit your file carefully)

Additional Information

Package has been re-uploaded once. File changed is FormulaData.xml, fixing one of new formulas.


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