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IGC x18 P2-2 Release S

Released 30/11/23 13:51

Key Changes

  • [ADD] Extended configuration of Ice Wind Valley event by MoveGateID configuration
  • [ADD] Added option to allow increase of elemental damage by wings damage increase option, officially Grow Lancer only
  • [ADD] Added ability to configure Shadow Phantom buffs (Misc.lua)
  • [ADD] Added CureSuccessRate option to SkillSettings.ini
  • [ADD] Improved Reset System by adding ability to reset skill tree: ResetMasterSkillTree, SkillTreePointsReturnMode
  • [ADD] Added "SkillTreePointsReturnReductionPercent" option to Reset System configuration
  • [MOD] Improved Off-Level system to be based on in-game Helper window settings (details in plugin configuration file)
  • [MOD] Improved buffing operation in Offline Leveling to match in-game Helper functionality
  • [MOD] Moved Anti-Flood config to dedicated section of AntiHack.ini and added limit setting
  • [MOD] Implemented original Bat Flock DOT formula (lua functions were removed)
  • [FIX] Equipped armor/weapon with durability 0 disappeared when failing at selected mastery pentagram/errtel mix
  • [FIX] Corrected logic of issuing milestone reward for Reset System, before milestone was issued when passing to next range, now it is issued when reaching max reset of current range
  • [FIX] Corrected default configuration of ResetSystem.xml file
  • [FIX] Inventory could bug after rewarding item larger than initial one using Jewel Upgrade System
  • [FIX] Corrected behavior of applying Mysterious Stones to match original system
  • [FIX] Reworked Solid Protection skill logic/effects and added tank damage visual effect
  • [FIX] Swell Life was decreasing HP if used after Solid Protection
  • [FIX] Players could get randomly and incorrectly disconnected by Off-Level max use time check
  • [FIX] Abnormal attack range for selected elf skills
  • [FIX] Added missing VIP settings for wing mix rates
  • [FIX] Reflection Barrier Mastery did not work for Dark Spirit attack
  • [FIX] Party issues when leaving party being on different channels
  • [FIX] Skill attack power did not increase for Combat Power character classes after equipping weapon with combat power increase
  • [FIX] Combat Power calculation was affected by certain types of equipped weapons, e.g. Demon
  • [FIX] Invalid number of Siege Potions was rewarded when mixing multiple Blesses or Souls at a time
  • [FIX] Socket bonus could randomly appear after applying seed sphere on socket item
  • [FIX] Hunt Point buff was disappearing after using Cure/Iron Defense
  • [FIX] Options of artifacts could be improperly applied when artifact was dropped from item bag
  • [FIX] Party gets invalid PK status at specific scenario of using /pkclear command by party member
  • [MOD] The /pkclear command can be now used only after self-defense is lifted to avoid using the command as a way to run away after PK
  • [FIX] Multiplying reward points by number of resets uses invalid resets number (+1)
  • [FIX] Corrected default settings of SkillList.xml / Skill.txt for Blood Howling skills


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