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IGC x19 P2-1 Release S

Released 19/06/24 22:02

Key Changes

  • [ADD] Added MonsterRegenSpanTime.xml to open ability to spawn monsters at a random time span instead fixed period
  • [ADD] Extended ChaosCastle.xml by AllowDarkLordSpirit attribute
  • [FIX] Dark Lord pets were unable to gain experience in certain scenario
  • [FIX] Divine Spirits did not attack during PvP
  • [FIX] Bound Wings were not always properly detected as bound
  • [FIX] Excellent Socket Accessories were improperly detected as FO sometimes
  • [FIX] The /eveninfo command being a part of "Limited Use Command" plugin did not properly display selected event/boss-monsters spawn times
  • [FIX] Buff effect values set in "Hunt Point System" plugin were not properly set according to IsPercent setting
  • [FIX] Hunt Points of "Hunt Point System" plugin could get corrupted after player's death
  • [FIX] The AllowSameGuildBattle option of "Hunt Point System" did not work correctly when set to 1
  • [MOD] Modified reward destination of "Limited Use Command" plugin from inventory to Gremory Case
  • [FIX] Greatness Mastery did not apply skill effect properly
  • [FIX] Chaos Weapon combination could fail randomly even success rate display indicated 100%
  • [FIX] Blocked ability to enter Chaos Castle with activated Flag


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