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IGC x19 P2-1 Release S

Released 04/07/24 12:21

Key Changes

  • [ADD] Extended reset system by auto-reset option
  • [ADD] Extended Common.ini by MaxLevelReachedText option
  • [ADD] Extended PetSettings.ini by new options to control Dark Lord pets exp
  • [MOD] Removed DLPetsExpMultiplier option from CalcCharacter.ini and moved it to PetSettings.ini as PetsExpMultiplier
  • [FIX] Corrected visual issues related to EvoMon spawn fields
  • [FIX] Corrected Ferea event visual issues
  • [FIX] Arca Battle Penalty Debuff did not work after Acheron Guardian event run
  • [FIX] Added missing visual effect for Arca battle penalty buff
  • [FIX] Fourth skill tree Increase DMG Count +2 now increases Combo by additional attack (to match original behavior)
  • [FIX] Strength stat increase did not increase Combat Power for Dark Lord class
  • [FIX] Dark Lord pets were unable to gain experience in certain scenario
  • [FIX] Increasing bonus option using Mysterious Stone to maximum was not possible in certain scenario for weapons
  • [FIX] Certain Hunt Point plugin messages were displaying improperly
  • [FIX] Chaos Castle could not be entered if flag presented in (inactive) inventory
  • [FIX] Ferea Boss and Raklion event timers did not display properly for /eventinfo command (LimitedUseCommand plugin)
  • [FIX] Setting Level/Reset requirement greater than 30k for Last Man Standing event was not possible
  • [MOD] Increased maximum number of entries load for MysteriousStone.xml
  • [MOD] Added TwisterCalc lua formula to RegularSkillCalc.lua


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