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IGC World Creator 1.2.0

Released 27/11/22 00:00

Key Changes

  • [NEW] Editor - Support customizing terrain tile mapping for a world (config/WorldTilesMapping.json)
  • [NEW] Editor - Support customizing world settings (config/WorldSettings.json)
  • [NEW] UI - Option to set camera movement speed ratio (Pan, Rotate, Movement, etc)
  • [NEW] Graphics - Effects system which allows you to assign effects to objects (config/EffectsMapping.json)
  • [NEW] UI - World mouse position label
  • [NEW] UI - Option to enable/disable camera reposition on load
  • [NEW] UI - Option to enable/disable scene grid outline
  • [MOD] UI - Panel is now brought to front (over other panels) when it opens
  • [MOD] Editor - Customizing lorencia objects mapping changed to JSON structure instead of LUA (config/LorenciaObjectsMapping.json)
  • [FIX] Graphics - grass overlapping with transparent textures
  • [FIX] Graphics - Water tiles (layers) do not animate in some cases
  • [FIX] UI - Output/Input directory text gets overlapped in some cases
  • [FIX] Editor - Using the visual gizmo when manipulating object (position) does not fully move the object to the desired position
  • [FIX] Graphics - Some objects looks completely black objects when light value is being set to complete darkness


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