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  • First Time Installation

    First Time Installation

    Who can use the service?

    Everyone who purchased IGC.Premium or IGC.Premium Plus can apply for first time installation within first 30 days from moment of purchase. Requesting the installation at later time may be subject to extra fee at rate of 50% value of regular installation service.


    What is included in the setup?

    The first time setup service covers one realm (world, e.g. Maya) and default set of servers (1x Regular, 1x Arca, 1x Siege, 1x Market, 1x Instance, 1x BattleCore). Advanced setups options such as multi-realm and multiple regular servers (sub-servers) are possible upon selection of appropriate options during filling the request form (option beyond basic setup are subject to extra fee).

    Beside the server files configuration our technician will also perform:

    • Necessary operating system configurations,
    • Windows Firewall configuration,
    • MSSQL Server installation and configuration,
    • Create necessary database and access user for them,
    • Install and configure selected administrative tools - Essential Tools, ToolKit (Lite),
    • Prepare Game Server and Game Client ready to run and connect

    What to prepare prior requesting the setup request?

    At first make sure that the server machine is meeting minimum hardware/software requirements then proceed to download and install the following software.

    External software (to download and install

    Microsoft SQL Server to download (one of the following)

    SQL Management Studio to download

    Do you have own distribution of MSSQL Server? That is fine, we can use it. Minimum required version is MSSQL 2012 R2.

    Server files and tools to download (of desired season)

    How technician access my server machine?

    Use of the service requires Customer to provide access details to properly prepared server machine on which the setup has to be performed.

    Supported access methods are

    After submitting the first time setup service request you will receive automated forum PM (Personal Message) instructing you with further steps, explaining schedule process of the setup. The installation is processed up to 48 hours (within business days) - usually much faster, depends of time of request and actual requests queue.


    • (?) Have Remote Desktop Connection working or AnyDesk with configured master password
    • (?) Have Installed WinRAR
    • (?) Have Installed Notepad++
    • (?) Have installed Microsoft Framework 4.8
    • (?) Have downloaded selected SQL Server installer
    • (?) Have downloaded required server software (server files, client, editors, etc)
    • (?) Meeting hardware and software requirements?

    All steps are completed? Apply for First Time Installation Service

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