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IGC.Launcher (Premium) Update 83 (Rev. 17)

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About This File

IGC.Launcher (Premium) is complete and complex solution assures that players will always be kept updated with latest version of Game Files thanks to automatic update module.

However, that's not all, the incredibly handy application is provided together with dedicated Designing System which allows to create Launcher appearance of your own.




  • Launcher Self Update System
  • Client Auto Update System - Patch based (supports HTTP & FTP hosts)
  • File Replacement Prevention System - block players from modifying Game Client files + closes client if any modification detected (supports HTTP & FTP hosts)
  • Launcher Custom Design System - supports PNG shadows / semi transparent areas -
  • Server Time (12h / 24h)
  • Game Server / Connect Server Status
  • Lock main.exe to be opened trough launcher only
  • Kill existing main.exe process if already active
  • HD Resolution configuration for HD Resolution system (Season 6 / Season 12 or later)
  • Launcher Multi-Lang - supports ability to translate all launcher text outputs
  • Add multiple Client Languages to Launcher - additionally to English (Data\Local\Eng\), Spanish (Data\Local\Spn) and Portuguese (Data\Local\Por) - GMO Client only
  • Account Registration / Password Change with Launcher - Register accounts from launcher, no need of web register
  • Game Minimize / Restore / Hide to Tray
  • Launcher minimize to tray
  • Use with multiple Servers on multiple locations / IPs with 1 Launcher and 1 Client (all IPs must have active launcher license) - player chose server to play from Settings
  • Unlimited Game Servers Status
  • AutoLogin System (depends on igc.dll compatibility) - as of this moment, due to client issues, may be disabled in igc.dll
  • Support for launcher-controlled custom Multi Language system



What's New in Version Update 83 (Rev. 14)   See changelog


  • ***************** AutoLogin depends on IGC.DLL, and may not work if dropped support by IGC *****************
  • [Update 83]
  • /**
  • :::: IGC.LauncherPremium ::::
  • Rev.14: [v1.10.1.12]
  • -> [MOD] hidden specific non critical error
  • Rev.13: [v1.10.1.11]
  • -> [MOD] 'Browser Refresh' related errors will not be displayed to the user
  • -> [FIX] 'News' browser shows "navigation stopped" for a short time before loading the news
  • -> [FIX] Once any text input field receive focus, and the user's input language is not supported, launcher will display error and close ('Culture ID 8192 (0x2000) is not a supported culture.') - now the launcher will display error but wont close
  • Rev.12: [v1.10.1.10]
  • -> [FIX] possible application error in certain cases ("configuration section not recognized ...") -> IMPORTANT: launcher ".exe.config" file modified as well
  • Rev.11: [v1.10.1.9]
  • -> [MOD] links inside the HTML content (Main page, News page) which are configured to open URL in new window (target="_blank" HTML attribute) will open the default browser in PC (not enforced to IE only)
  • Rev.10: [v1.10.1.8]
  • -> [FIX] 'Browser Refresh' warning is displayed if the web page is not completely loaded
  • Rev.9: [v1.10.1.7]
  • -> [FIX] possible (rare) error
  • Rev.8: [v1.10.1.6]
  • -> [MOD] In case of error, more information will be displayed in the message box displayed to the user
  • Rev.7: [v1.10.1.5]
  • -> [FIX] Unable to connect to LauncherServer in some PCes in case of using DNS on Settings file and your server has enabled IPV6
  • Rev.6: [v1.10.1.4]
  • -> [MOD] cVersion check: if existing cVersion file has invalid password, all available patches will be downloaded and installed
  • -> [FIX] HTTPs Patch/HashCheck license address does not work (this error is caused by a web host that is using new TLS (1.1, 1.2, etc) protocols for their certificate - .NET 3.5 does not support newer TLS protocols; only TLS 1.0; if you are using new TLS in your certificate, your players must install .NET Framework 4.5 or newer)
  • Rev.5: [v1.10.1.3]
  • -> [NOTE] It is recommended to ship "your-launcher-name.exe.config" file together with your launcher, however you should rename it to the same name of your launcher for example "MULauncher.exe.config"
  • -> [FIX] launcher error if client (main) is closed while launcher running or launcher is closing while client (main) is running
  • -> [FIX] client auto-update system's self reset feature does not work
  • -> [FIX] high cpu/gpu usage
  • Rev.4: [v1.10.1.2]
  • -> [FIX] launcher shows tooltip when closing, if "minimize to tray" option is enabled in Settings
  • Rev.3: [v1.10.1.1]
  • -> [FIX] when launcher is restored after main closed, it does not come to foreground
  • -> [FIX] various issues when keyboard hook system is enabled (seems like issue is exclusive to v1.10.1.0)
  • Rev.2: [v1.10.1.0]
  • -> [MOD] Degraded to .NET Framework 3.5 for better old OS support (Windows 7 SP0 should work without any extra requirements, Win XP should manually install .net framework 3.5)
  • -> [MOD] Removed interactive taskbar icon support due to .net framework degration (see changelog for version
  • -> [FIX] Server time does not show currect value when Server's Daylight Saving time is enabled Settings
  • Rev.1: [v1.10.0.11]
  • -> [FIX] ever increasing log file size
  • -> [FIX] possible crash
  • -> [FIX] window fade out on close seems to freeze for a second
  • :::: IGC.LauncherServer ::::
  • Rev.9: [v1.4.0.2]
  • -> [MOD] License Check: if license check has failed, 3 days grace period will be allowed until connections will be refused (valid only after launcher server succeeded validation at least once, so is not valid in cold start)
  • Rev.8: [v1.4.0.1]
  • -> [FIX] Database: possible issues with non-ascii account registration
  • -> [MOD] License Check: launcher server does not recheck license status 30 seconds after failed check, in some cases
  • Rev.1: [v1.4.0.0]
  • * .NET Framework 4.8 Upgrade *
  • -> [MOD] IOCP improvements
  • -> [MOD] removed some UI components
  • -> [NEW] ConnectServerList.xml allows seperate Suffix for HashCheck\Patches address
  • :::: IGC.LauncherManagementTools ::::
  • Rev.2: [v1.4.3.1]
  • -> [MOD] Settings editor: server time will be automatically assigned based on machine's values
  • Rev.1: [v1.4.3.0]
  • -> [NEW] Designer tool: you can now drag and drop image files from windows folder directly into controls
  • -> [NEW] Designer tool: added more information about controls (location start, end, size)
  • -> [FIX] Hash Generator: possible crash when drag&drop multiple folders
  • **/

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