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Improvement Quest System on HuntPoint Plugin

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Hello, through this I come to request an important change in the huntpoint mission system.
Currently it is required that quest items be at level +15 but some server items simply cannot be added to this level such as:

  • Rings
  • pendants
  • And others.

Hereby I ask the developers to add an option so that we can define what level the mission item would have to have to receive the statuses after executing the command.

Another very important point is the amount of items that the player currently needs to have in the inventory if you define (4) items when executing the command the system keeps asking the player to have a kriss +15 which completely escapes the context defined by the Administrator, or be at the moment we are forced to define 5 items.

The idea would be:

<Item Id="0" QuantityOfItems="4" Name="anubis" MinReset="75" MinLevelItems="6" MaxLevelItems="6" Items="3587,4099,5123,6677">

Or even better if you can set the level for each example item:

<Item Id="0" Name="anubis" MinReset="75" MinLevel="0,11,11,11" MaxLevel="0,15,15,15," DurabilityItems="0,10,10,30 " Items="3587,4099,5123,6677">

This is something of extreme importance, unfortunately the mission system ends up limiting us to additions and or customizations to better emphasize the system.


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