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  1. Good, usually the support of IGCN is very good, maybe a little locked in your own idea, well this would only be if we talk about make POST in relation to servers > to SX, since from now and even more when it came out the SX, the season 6.3 customers were very affected by the delay of replies, updates. And the few answers they give us they call it "pending" and there it remains until a very future revision. I am aware that SXII is HOT but with so many years of life that has have the s6.3 are not many our orders (in comparison), then .. It would be a lot to request a little more attention? Monthly payment is paid for both s6.3 and in > SX and our servers, for us, are as important as for those who have > SX. I hope you know how to take my comment, and I do not need an explanation of "we give more importance to > SX because ..." since a justifucation does not solve anything. Do not think that only rescues the bad things, if we are in IGCN, it is because we believe that it is the best available and reliable option to trust our servers and our efforts. Thanks anyway.
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