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  1. I agree to forum rules and posting guidance: Hello. I thinking about your Gallery it is really outdated. I suggest putting up lots of arts about the server. For Example Character Arts that can be used for backgrounds, simple Launcher editing, Promotion Designing, etc. Of course you can put your IGCN Watermark somewhere on those images. I thought of this because its hard enough to get HD images online for Mu Season 14 and up. Some fan arts or Deviant Arts wont cut it as well. Its a good additional resource for us customers who are using your services. You can also make a separate subscription for a "Special Gallery" if you don`t want to make it included in the current subscription option you have here. It would be great for customers who are not used to editing images on Photoshop. I can use PS but I tend to be lazy sometimes and just look up images online.
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