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My Game Server or other application freezing, what to do?

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Most common source of this type of issues is related to configuration mistake, e.g.

  • Dividing by 0
  • Missing quota "
  • Mistake in Lua scripts (review GS logs for potential Lua related errors)
  • or any other improper setup.

IGC Server Suite applications are designed to create dump file (*.dmp) upon application crash which allows for further investigation. However, there might be cases that application crash without dump being generated automatically.

If application froze, what means window is still appearing in front of the desktop but not responding or application crash due to memory corruption, there is a chance that the dump file won't be produced. In such case it must be generated manually.

To do this, without closing frozen application:

  1. Go to Windows Task Manager → Processes or Details tab
  2. Locate process of application to generate dump from (usually same as file name)
  3. Right click on the process and select Create Dump File
  4. The file will be created and saving location displayed
  5. Compress it using ZIP, WinRAR or 7z
  6. Upload to own or external hosting and post within Dump URL field as report posted in Bug Tracker


  • Feel free to Contact us for any other questions - we'd be happy to help.

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