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Downloads for Premium Tools Customers but not owners of a Server Suite license

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  1. World Creator

    Mu World Creator is a tool in which you can visually (in 3D) create and modify MU World Maps.
    Supported map settings and features
    Terrain Height (holes and mountains) Terrain Light (RGB color and strength) Terrain Layer (Ground Tiles, grass, merging layers) Terrain Attribute (Safe zone, attack zone, etc) Terrain Objects (add/remove/edit - position, scale, rotation, light) Server Terrain file 6K 3D preview of your map generated upon export Navimap file of your map generated upon export 6K minimap of your map generated upon export  
    MU Client Support
    All client versions are supported and automatically detected You can also export map from one version to another, but this is not recommended since not all features are supported across all client versions (this is client limitation, not Editor)
    Minimum system and hardware requirements for running the editor
    Operating system version: Windows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 and Windows 11 CPU: x86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support. Graphics API: DX10, DX11, DX12 capable. Additional requirements: Hardware vendor officially supported drivers. Network connection is required when opening the editor (login), and also when exporting maps. Other than this two operations, it can work offline.



  2. MU.ToolKit (Premium)

    MU.ToolKit (Premium) is advanced tool of wide range of powerful possibilities to maintain the server in all the meaning of the word.
    This is public version of the tool excluding tools dedicated for purpose of IGC Server Suite. Once becoming subscriber (Customer) of Server Plan of IGC-Network it is possible to switch to ToolKit version supporting IGC Features.
    Compatibility(In most BMD files)
    Season 6 Episode 3 Ex700 Ex701 Ex700(Plus) Ex702 Season 8 Episode 1 Season 8 Episode 2 Season 8 Episode 3 Season 9 Episode 1 Season 9 Episode 2 Season X Episode 1 Season X Episode 2 Season X Episode 3 Season 11 Episode 1 (KOR) Season 11 Episode 2 (KOR) Season 11 Episode 2-1 (KOR) Season 11 Episode 2-2 (KOR) Season 12 Episode 1 (KOR) Season 13 Episode 1-1 (KOR) Season 13 Episode 1-2 (KOR) Season 13 Episode 2-1 (KOR) Season 13 Episode 2-2 (KOR) Season 14 Episode 1 (KOR) Season 14 Episode 1-2 (KOR) Season 14 Episode 2-1 (KOR) Season 14 Episode 2-2 (KOR) Season 15 Episode 1-1 (KOR) Season 15 Episode 1-2 (KOR) Season 15 Episode 1-3 (KOR) Season 16 Episode 1-1 (KOR) Season 16 Episode 1-2 (KOR) Season 16 Episode 1-3 (KOR) Season 16 Episode 2-2 (KOR) Season 17 Episode 1-1 (KOR) Season 17 Episode 1-2 (KOR)  Season 17 Episode 1-3 (KOR)
    Server Side & Editors
    Monster & MonsterSetBase: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support Cash Shops: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support EventBags: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support Shops: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support ChaosCards: Webzen, TT, MUE - file save support
    Client Side
    BMD 3D Viewer - view and convert BMDSMD (Paid Plugin, purchase separately) Ability to (Mass) Copy & Paste into BMD files Compare and Fast Transfer BMD Files Automatic Translation System Ability to search values in the BMD files MU Image Manager for converting and editing OZJ, OZT, OZB, OZP, OZS, OZD, ATT( Client 64k/128k Server ) Custom Encoding for BMD Files Decode/Encode Camera_Angle_Position.bmd Edit message.*** Decode MuError.log Item.bmd (Server and Client) Stats Calculator Map Attribute Editor (modify .ATT files) Lang.mpr Encoder/Decoder Text (Tabbed) File Editor
    Edit 77 BMD Files
    ItemToolTip.bmd ItemToolTipText.bmd Item.bmd MoveReq.bmd ServerList.bmd NPCName.bmd Filter.bmd FilterName.bmd Slide.bmd Text.bmd Gate.bmd Minimap_WorldX.bmd ItemSetType.bmd ItemAddOption.bmd JewelOfHarmonySmelt.bmd ItemSetOption.bmd Skill.bmd Mix.bmd QuestProgress.bmd PetData.bmd PentagramMixNeedSource.bmd NPCDialogue.bmd MonsterSkill.bmd MasterSkillTreeData.bmd ItemTRSData.bmd InfoTooltip.bmd Credit.bmd AttributeVariation.bmd ArcaBattleBootyMix.bmd InfoTooltipText.bmd ArcaBattleScript.bmd SocketItem.bmd ItemLevelTooltip.bmd BuffEffect.bmd HelpData.bmd QuestWords.bmd Quest.bmd Dialog.bmd MasterSkillTooltip.bmd PentagramOption.bmd ExcellentWingOption.bmd ExcellentCommonOption.bmd ItemSetOptionText.bmd PentagramJewelOptionValue.bmd JewelOfHarmonyOption.bmd MacroConfig.bmd MuunInfo.bmd MuunTooltipInfo.bmd EvolutionMonsterBox.bmd MapCharacters.bmd MasterSkillTree.bmd Pet.bmd StatOption.bmd MuunMeshInfo.bmd MuunInfo.bmd MuRummyCard.bmd MuRummyOption.bmd BonusExp.bmd ShopUI.bmd ShopCategoryItems.bmd MuunExchange.bmd MuunRenderInfo.bmd MuRummySlot.bmd PlayGuid.bmd RuudShopViewInfo.bmd MuunOption.bmd StatOptionText.bmd Minimap.bmd (Season 8 and Newer) FormulaData.bmd MixSlotFrame.bmd ElementalMixList SkillToolTipText WebApiMessage FcsData CharacterInfoSetup Camera_Angle_Position G_Camera_Angle_Position CharacterInfoSetup
    PC Requirements
    Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 - x64 OS Internet Connection always online as long as MU.ToolKit (Premium) application is running (no Offline mode) .NET Framework 4.6.2 Installed Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package



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