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MU.ToolKit (Premium)

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About This File

MU.ToolKit (Premium) is advanced tool of wide range of powerful possibilities to maintain the server in all the meaning of the word.


This is public version of the tool excluding tools dedicated for purpose of IGC Server Suite. Once becoming subscriber (Customer) of Server Plan of IGC-Network it is possible to switch to ToolKit version supporting IGC Features.



PC Requirements

What's New in Version   See changelog


  • [v1.11.7.1]
  • -> [MOD] (IGC CUSTOMERS ONLY) CashShop Editor: remake Item Editor UI to allow resizing
  • ---
  • [v1.11.7.0]
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor: you can now select the column auto sizing option in toolkit main window menu 'Options->BMD Editor->Grid Column Sizing'
  • -> [MOD->FILE] 'Data\MapList.xml'
  • -> [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version (v17.1.3.4)
  • ---
  • [v1.11.6.2]
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor: Item.bmd (Season 17 Ep.1-1 or newer) structure changed
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor: Item.bmd export with ElementalDamage,ElementalDefense,PentagramType,MasteryPentagram columns for group 12
  • ---
  • [v1.11.6.1]
  • -> [MOD] maintenance
  • ---
  • [v1.11.6.0]
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: StatOption.bmd (Season 17 Ep.1-3)
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor: Item.bmd export with ReqVitality column for group 12 and 15
  • ---
  • [v1.11.5.2]
  • -> [FIX] (IGC ONLY) EventBag Editor (SX): unable to load saved files due to invalid SummonBook drop value
  • -> [FIX] (IGC ONLY) EventBag Editor (SX): generated file sets invalid SummonBook drop value
  • ---
  • [v1.11.5.1]
  • -> [MOD] General: Renamed occurences of "White Wizard" class name to "Light Wizard"
  • -> [MOD] EventBag Editor (SX): support for short class names
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor: when pasting from clipboard, the current selected cell will remain
  • -> [MOD] Translate Tool: "uppercast first letter" will be effective on all sentence words
  • ---
  • [v1.11.5.0]
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: ItemSetType.bmd (Season 17 Ep.1-2)
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: Item.bmd (Season 17 Ep.1-1)
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: ItemSetOption.bmd (Season 17 Ep.1-1)
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: Quest.bmd (Season 17 Ep.1-1)
  • -> [MOD] Translate Tool: allow forcing first translated letter to uppercase
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor -> CSV Import/Export: now its more reliable (exporting with column names and row index, allowing to import later by exact column name and row index)
  • -> [MOD-FILE] 'Data\MapList.xml'
  • -> [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version (v16.2.2.2)
  • ---
  • [v1.11.4.1]
  • -> [MOD] General: improved connection stability with authentication server for very slow connections (effecting file save operations that previously failed due to bad connection)
  • ---
  • [v1.11.4.0]
  • -> [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version (v16.1.2.44)
  • -> [ADD->FILE] 'Data\GuardianItemOption.xml'
  • ---
  • [v1.11.3.0]
  • -> [NEW] TabbedFile Editor: added support for loading header information (name) from external file (Data\TabbedFileInfo.json)
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor: new Translation system
  • -> [FIX] General: improved UI chinese translation
  • -> [FIX] BMD Editor: scroll sync issue with Compare tool
  • -> [FIX] BMD Editor: "copy to file" button in compare tool not working correctly in specific files (ItemAddOption)
  • -> [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version (v16.1.2.29)
  • ---
  • [v1.11.2.4]
  • -> [NEW] General: UI in Chinese (Simplified) language support
  • -> [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest alpha server files version (v16.1.2.19)
  • ---
  • [v1.11.2.3]
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: allow to open containing folder of loaded model's textures
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor & Compare: improved cell selection synchronization
  • ---
  • [v1.11.2.2]
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: improved batch image preview generation speed (skipping files that already exist)
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: fixed load issues with few models
  • -> [MOD] Shop Editor: remade design for more convenient accessibility
  • -> [MOD] General: improved compatability with new NPC previews for every editor that display monsters (redownload Resources package)
  • ---
  • [v1.11.2.1]
  • -> [FIX] error if itemlist_s6.xml is loaded
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: improved scale/position settings read from ItemTRSData.txt (for relevant models)
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: improved speed of generating model previews if preview file already exists (and Overwrite option is not enabled)
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: improved "HideRTextures" logic
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: "HideRTextures" option will hide character skin textures as well (noticeable when loading helm models)
  • -> [FIX] BMD 3D Viewer: transparent pixels on generated preview of specfic models
  • -> [FIX] BMD 3D Viewer: crash if trying to generate preview if no model is currently in viewport (off-screen)
  • -> [FIX] BMD 3D Viewer: unable to load some models
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: add 10x10 padding to generated preview of models
  • -> [FIX] BMD Editor: Mix.bmd (Season 16 Ep.1-3) cant open
  • ---
  • [v1.11.2.0]
  • -> [NEW] BMD 3D Viewer: attempt to set correct rotation by information provided in 'Data\ItemTRSData.txt' file (search by loaded bmd file name)
  • -> [NEW] BMD 3D Viewer Batch Preview: can specify generated png file name
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: Item.bmd (Season 16 Ep.1-3)
  • -> [MOD] BMD Editor: Item.bmd export with MasteryGrade value
  • -> [NEW] Lang.mpr Encoder/Decoder support for s16p1-1 and newer
  • -> [NEW->FILE] 'Data\ItemTRSData.txt'
  • -> [NEW->FILE] 'Data\MasteryGradeItems.xml' which is used to determine correct MastryGrade value when converting Item.bmd file into 'ItemList.xml'
  • ---
  • [v1.11.1.2]
  • -> [FIX] possible issue of infinite reconnect cycle on speific conditions
  • -> [FIX] BMD Editor: google translator clears content of cell if translation fails
  • -> [FIX] BMD 3D Viewer: 'tga' (OZT) textures are rendered with black spots
  • -> [FIX] BMD 3D Viewer: initial camera properties not initialized in 'Batch Preview' tool
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: better control on preview rotation/position using mouse L/R click (press + hold + move)
  • -> [NEW] BMD 3D Viewer: manual control over rendered textures (alpha clipping, hide meshes, R texture hide) as workaround for black spots
  • -> [MOD] BMD 3D Viewer: 'Ctrl+P' to save preview as PNG instead of 'P'
  • -> [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest alpha server files version (v16.1.0.3)
  • ---
  • [v1.11.1.1]
  • - [FIX] BMD Editor: Item.bmd editor for season 16 is invisible in menu
  • - [FIX] BMD Viewer: some meshes are render in incorrect position
  • - [FIX] BMD Viewer: cannot navigate list using keyboard keys
  • ---
  • [v1.11.1.0]
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: Item.bmd (Season 16 Ep.1-1)
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: ItemSetOption.bmd (Season 16 Ep.1-1)
  • -> [NEW] BMD Editor: Quest.bmd (Season 16 Ep.1-1)
  • ---
  • [v1.11.0.0]
  • -> [NEW] *BMD 3D Viewer: view & convert BMD models (BMD->SMD and SMD-BMD conversion, including animations) as well as generating Screenshot of batch of models, including preview SMD models
  • -> [NEW] Activating License while in Trial mode: it is now possible to activate your license even if it is still in Trial period (Help->Activate License)
  • -> [FIX] BMD Editor: search tool cause crash in certain scenarios
  • * BMD 3D Viewer is a paid plugin, purchaseable additionally to toolkit license terms
  • * BMD 3D Viewer works without the paid plugin, but allows only to preview models (cannot convert to SMD or generate image preview)
  • * BMD 3D Viewer model preview requires an OpenCL device (smd conversion will work regardless existance of compatible OpenCL device)
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