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Suggestion to igc team and customers

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Hello! I want to say that I'm very satisfied from igc team files, service and customer community forums very much as I was expected at the start of my experience here.


But I saw a lot of requests in forums and many of them a bit selfish personal requests which will not going to be used by other customers but will take their time to configurations of that features.


My suggestion from customer friends, please think about the feature if it is useful for other customers or not. Because your personal requests will cause;

1. igc team time for 1 customer only

2. Other customer's time for your personal feature in configurations.

3. that personal feature may cause bug or problem in files and everyone pays that.

if customer friends care about this before their future request it will be good for all of us. Thank you.


My request from igc team is that not to accept personal requests from every customer and I want to suggest a system for a request is accepted or not.

My solution about that is a vote system between customers in customer feature request too. Put a fair limit to feature requests to be accepted or not. So hen someone request a feature, other customers can vote if it is useful and required for others or not.


More than new features everyone in this platform should focus fixes and increase quality more than new features. Every new thing will bring new problems Murphy laws says.


Have a good day everyone ! :)

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Please note we do not accept individual requests from Customers except slight modifications that may not cause any issues to official releases. In addition, all of such modifications are sooner or later published in official releases. So likely the customs we do are for testing purpose.


I do not know where you get the sort of information you posted above but likely they are wrong. If you have a suggestion of feature that should appear in the files you should post it in our Workflow tracker which has voting system

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