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Buff on/off on every map

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I wonder if it's possible to add an option that can manage every buff of the players, to be more specific, like the duel zone vulcanus when your character moves to the duel zone the map clear all your buffs automatically, that could be awesome if you can add that option in every map and managed on "IGC_MapAttribute.xml" Now why i think it's a good option, you can give your players some buff from the NPC bot to lvl in a random map then there are maps like "LaCleon" or "Raklion" that map can give you pretty good items like 380 or lvl 400 if it's slow with the option clear buffs, the player moves to raklion without buffs and the player is forced to use the inner or soulbarrier or with 5 players party to kill these monsters. My intention in this case is that the players can use their own buffs and make a team to kill said monsters of raklion. But if these moves to raklion with the npc bot buff, there will be stronger and will not be nedded to make a party or use their own buff. ( you may can say, ok disable all your npcs, but no.. i think that i wrote should be good to use) :)


Hope you understod me, i tried so hard to explain my idea.


Thanks for your time.

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