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  1. Yes they really need to. They should have another Product Premium Plus Special (with Excellent Game Files) I'd rather pay more than having files that feels rushed.
  2. I agree to forum rules and posting guidance: Hello IGCN, I am here to write a feed back in my experience as a customer here. Service Quality /Support Quality - 3.5/5 Your service might not as prompt as expected but we're glad that you still listen to us. Product Quality - 2.5/5 Honestly, we are glad that IGCN still supports updating higher Seasons in MU Online for private server owners like us. But IGCN need to step up when it comes to Product Quality. There are many consumers out there willing to pay more just to have a very good quality of a Product. IGCN needs to listen more about the customers who actually cared about this company. Many lost hope about this company but I still have hope that this Product will improve more in terms of the files, other company can produce good quality files, why not IGCN also? If you're asking me why I didn't go to other companies if they have good files? Simple, I trust IGCN. I know IGCN will improve eventually but when? When all of us lost hope? IGCN needs to reconsider following what is right about the game. If IGCN needs help there's a community willing to do so. IGCN need to level up their product.
  3. http://s33.postimg.org/bawkdwnzj/13388916_1602061683437615_1981081530_o.jpg
  4. window resolution is release long time ago why not use it? for client auto update why dont you use igc patcher? offtopic... waiting for season 10 release wizzy :(
  5. with critical bug that can only be fix with update^^ therefore they will look for premium
  6. simple logic really matter.. You made a program.. sold as premium.. and your program version 1.3 was sold by some one.. and your current version is 4.9 what would you do? to allow this rats to continue earning from your product via selling it? or to release the version 1.3 as full for free? hopely before this s10 release.. there will be issue like that... also we can wait as long as its ready for the later problem just like what happened
  7. You know what.. successful servers from that rats, will asked google.com if what or who is IGCN. I am sure they will move to IGCN rebekka? i think is a part of that team. and we know it all .. that guy will do anything to ruin clients. drake plan to release the version of what they sell to public is a nice idea. why not? file was stolen! sold to public and not by igc! made by IGC. offcourse igc will not release the updated file.. and only the same as what been solld by mupl I hope so^^ releasing as the same version. updates and exact thing at what they stole
  8. infact file is really stable.. that is what i really like on this year of igc ^^
  9. we have this total of 300+ gamers online and i want to break this 91 days of online days with out restarting and crashes.. started at our new host
  10. For 51 days wit out restarting.. file server is very stable..... total of 180 gamers 40% or less is using offlevel a really amazing file worth to buy.... waiting for s10 update :) http://s28.postimg.org/tke3vps3h/restarttttt.jpggifs upload
  11. i think this must be post on ideas / suggestion section..
  12. a very nice update!
  13. This latest version is very stable of IGC Server Suite suggest to use them... rock igc
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