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Season 6 features

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A lot of season 6 server  files  have the following features so I was wondering if can be added here too:

* Store Currency: Can use jewels instead of only zen or points. Also would to have off store feature and ability to set different limits per ip/hardware if they have a char on offstore, that way if one of their chars is offstore it isn't penalized in hardware/ip limitations.

* Chaos Castle: ability to modify explosion rate of mobs in percentage 0-100%.  Very useful because hard to clean with bk char

* Ancient Items: For item bags etc it would be nice if can specify which ancient set it is instead of it being random (for example  can't  force  it  to drop vicious helm vs hyon helm)

* Custom Quest: A lot of clients have feature where can do custom quests,  you can make it so that you kill x amount of a specific monster and you get a reward for doing so like  items or exp. You can also find an x amount of a specific item bring it back to the quest npc for reward. Also has feature of choosing how frequently the quest can be done (once per day etc)

* Limitations for how often VIP or normal chars can participate in a event per day, for example only Devil Square or Chaos Castle limit of twice per day if normal and unlimited for VIP

* Ability to edit exc drop rates per map basis

* Monsters: ability to add a monster to a list where if they are killed it makes a global announcement. I am planning to make each kundun from kalima 1-7 like a mini event

* Skeleton King: Ability to make it into an event rather than having it only spawn once the GS is booted


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