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Improvement PluginStaticOption for better use the system

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Hello @drakelv,

Through this I would like to suggest the possibility of randomizing the custom options in the items.
Usually the options are enabled through certain requirements right?
Generally level, slots sockets, options excellents.

I would like to suggest that by using the item's level as a minimum main requirement, it would be possible to make the system randomize the options so that the items added to the system would not all be the same, some Players questioned the idea of having the item options always the same, in addition to of having a negative impact on the value of the item within the game, players end up taking away the objective of going after these items.

The idea would be something like:

<Item Cat="0" Index="180" MinLevel="13" SocketCount="3" OptionIndex="-1" OptionRandom="1" OptionValue="3" OptionProbability="3" Ancient="0" Excellent= "0" /> <!-- Name: [Reinforced] Blood Blade --> Random Option
<Item Cat="0" Index="180" MinLevel="13" SocketCount="3" OptionIndex="19" OptionRandom="0" OptionValue="3" OptionProbability="3" Ancient="0" Excellent=" 0" /> <!-- Name: [Reinforced] Blood Blade --> Static Option


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  • IGC Management

Static item option system the name explains itself.


But we are working on something for forseeable future.

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