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AutoReturn-Bot counter - Anti-Hack addition

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With the rising abuse of Auto-return bots that sadly work without being detected by any anti-hack I thought I'd suggest a feature. 

Would it be possible to create a feature that compares the coordinates and actions of a certain player? and if they are being matched lets say to X% for the past Y minutes it would trigger an alarm?

For example, if we had a file track.xml in the gameserver where we put all the nicknames or accounts of players who we want the game server to track and give alarms in the logs and DC the player

I know a feature like for the entire server and all players would be heavy on calculations and probably cause lag but for a few players should technically be possible? That way we would get an output log saying that a certain player's actions and coordinates match let's say 70% for the past 3 hours etc. and that will be enough evidence for us to ban such player. 

Just a thought 

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I votes "yes", but seems the only one way to fight with bots is disable reset rewards, but enable more rewards for activity (killing invasions, bosses, etc). So there will be no reason to use 3rd party software or macro for automatization.

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Rewarding players for resets or giving them "auto-reset" possibilities is what destroys this game. As there are so-called "veterans" who play for 200 years and don't even know what a guardian mount or maze of dimensions is, because whenever they play they get everything free from the resets or donate, so yeah I agree with you 😄  There are tons of systems in the game but seem like the majority of players and most administrators stopped their knowledge at Season6.

I wish anyone shared such scripts or bots if they have the possibility, that would probably help the IGCN team  

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