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Icewind Castle Improvements

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I am testing the Icewind Castle and there are some rooms for improvement. So I suggest them here for you.

1) We should show the subtract value message to the user when registering the event such as “You have spent X (Wcoin, GP, Zen..) for the application of Icewind Castle. The registering players need to know what are costing them for the registration. So it will be much better if we prompt them for the registration like “Will you spent X for the registration…” or having a NPC for handling the registering informations, tips, and current Icewind Lord…

2) We should have a short text description on the clock, when leaving the chair to show that they need to comeback and sit on the chair as soon as possible like “Sitting Privilege Remain”.

3) The event do not display all the rewarded currencies when the event ended. It only displays how much Ruud you can get but Wcoins, Goblins, and Contributions). Not sure this one is a bug.

4) …

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