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Reset system improvement

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There are some issues with reset/grand resets if you are willing to use large experience table and functional reset cost.

For example I had experience table (DynamicExpRangeList) with rules for up to 500 resets and with this setup, you can also create rules for resets (DynamicResetRangeList) and give rewards but here come issues with reset cost, for example, if I set price per reset to 2kk with option "MultiplyCostPerResets" then it becomes heavy after ~100 resets 200kk per reset and up to 500kk which is ridiculously much.

Option is to create a new reset section where we could define requirements for resets, something like this.

    <Requirement MinReset="0" MaxReset="100" CostZen="20000000" .... />

Another workaround here is to split the experience table (DynamicExpRangeList) by 100 resets with Min/MaxGrandReset option something like this https://prnt.sc/xwYhezXG9fWa this is working fine however then appears another issue with ResetSystem, I no longer can give rewards (for example additional points) for every 100 reset made, since with this setup I only know that player reached max reset but don't know if this is first run or not (GrandResets), so nice option here would be to add same  Min/MaxGrandReset check to DynamicResetRangeList

My whole idea under grand resets is that players receive 5k points for every 100 resets, and these points stay even after resets, so after the first grand reset and reset it will receive 5500 points after the second 6000 points, after two grand resets 10000 points, after two grand resets and one reset 10500 points and so on, but I can't create such setup with current configuration possibilities without losing cost per reset.

Hopefully this makes sense.


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