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Improvement MonsterSpawn_group allow add effect type on monsters invasions

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Hello devs,

I would like to ask you for the ability to set some kind of buff or some special effect to monsters defined as raids in the MonsterSpawn_group system
It is natural for us Administrators to creating invasions with existing monsters, for example:

  • ice queen
  • gorgon
  • hydra

And many other monsters in the system, but it turns out that these monsters can become camouflaged when an invasion is started the idea would be to add the possibility of being able to define some kind of effect to the monsters such as the news system that applies an aura around the monsters and does not allow the monster to take damage.

It would be something based on these types of effects, it would be a great differentiator for all of us.


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Is possible use the NoticeSystem for this ?

      <Monster ID="676"  MapNum="-1"  InvincibleBuffDuration="0"  CustomEffectTime="10" /> <!-- Monster: Fire Flame Ghost -->

It's because this part of the plugin makes the monster invisible, that is, it doesn't take damage until the specified time.
As we have a lot of standard monsters being used in invasion it would be nice to create something to differentiate them from traditional monsters.
Perhaps the name in red or a unique effect defined in some unique system?

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