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Your SAFE server

Unique protection of stability and up time

IGC.Inspector is a tool designed to watch server stability, assures of unaffected uptime and notify Administrator about any server restarts and more


Complex protection against crashes

Applications may crash due to range of reasons, software fault, operating system freaks, undefined triggers but most common reason are configuration mistakes. To give you a time to locate source of the problem we designed very complex monitoring tool to watch not only server but any application you wish - start your stable server today!

Monitor the server from its beginning

Every active IGC Server Suite license holder is entitled to use the tool for free. Worried you are not experienced enough do dedicate enough attention to your server? We designed the IGC.Inspector to help you in that!

Any application protected against crash

IGC.Inspector brings ability to monitor any application runtime and start it in case its process exited or stopped responding. However, the IGC.Inspector has been mostly designed to help server administrators monitor their servers - range of unique tools created just for that purpose is all what may be needed.

Inspector - Application

Inspector - Application Privileges

Monitor Software under Special Privileges

Handy range of configurables to define application start arguments, credentials and many other opens a way to keep applications monitored even in most advanced and complex environments with multiple administrator accounts. IGC.Inspector allows to monitor window and non-window (GUI) based applications

Monitoring - timing and resources usage control

Unique selection of options allow to monitor any sort of application behaviour - automated application restarts interval, maximum time to wait application to response, monitoring initiation delay, maximum time to wait for initiation input, maximum time to wait for application exit, resources limits control - is there anything more needed?

Inspector - Monitoring

Inspector - Restart Options

Application Restart Behaviour Freedom

A wide range of restart options makes the IGC.Inspector a software suites needs of every user. Link applications together and initiate restarts of other - related application monitored by the IGC.Inspector

Email Notification

Are you tired of monitoring applications monitoring the server? Get notified immediately!

SMTP Settings

Configure outgoing email notifications using available SMTP settings compatible with any email provider - now be sure you will be notified in any event monitored by IGC.Inspector

Windows Event Log

The monitoring tool is equipped with own logging system, however to keep easier track of every event it is possible to write them directly to Windows Event Log

Resource Monitor

It is keeping an eye on CPU and Memory usage of monitored applications. May happen that by unknown reason an application will start consuming unexpected amout of resources what may lead in disfunctionality of entire environment. To avoid "crash" of server machine the resource monitor may restart problematic application and notify about the event via email.

Inspector - SMPT Settings

Inspector - Logging


IGC.Inspector is one of greatest application to maintain any sort of events it was designed for. It brings very wide possibilities to manage application runtime monitoring and allows to apply appropriate action for selection of scenarios.

Get IGC.Inspector with the IGC Server Suite

Key Features


  • Unique Icon per Application Type
  • Application Name Configuration
  • Application Path Selection
  • Start Arguments Configuration
  • Monitoring Initiation User
  • Monitoring Initiation Password
  • Monitoring Domain

Resources and Timing Setting

  • Restart Interval
  • Response Maximum Time Check
  • Start Delay Time
  • Maximum Initiation TIme
  • Maximum exit wait time
  • Application Group Assignment
  • Resource Monitor Overload Time
  • Resource Monitor Notify Time
  • Maximum normal CPU usage for the application
  • Maximum normal memory consumption for the application

Restart Rules

  • Restart only if dump file Created
  • Application Start Minimized
  • Application Start Hidden
  • Restart Game Server when Data Server restarted
  • Restart Connect Server when Game Server restarted
  • Restart Launcher Server when Connect Server restarted
  • Restart Chat Server when Data Server restarted
  • Restart on CPU / Memory Overload


  • Enable or disable the system
  • Host Setting
  • Port Setting
  • SSL Support
  • Notification Email Setting
  • Email Login & Password Settings
  • Email Subject Setting
  • CPU Overload Notification
  • Memory Consumption Over Limit Notification


  • Write to Event Log
  • Built-in logging System
  • Monitoring Silent Start