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Easily update the players with latest patches

Ship the content of new patches prepared for your server easy as never before. Runner will do most of job for you and will make you sure that players use latest version of game client available


What does IGC.Runner enable you to do?

IGC.Runner is lightweight tool that manages and apply patches on client side, giving a feeling of confidence that everybody connecting to the server are up-to-date

Multiple Protocol Support

With selection of protocols the Runner may operate on you have a freedom of choice of source the patches will be applied from, you can select between HTTP and FTP protocols

Game Options Selection

The built-in system offer an ability to select a server to auto login with, select resolution or window mode game launch

Lock-Run with Runner

The Lock-Run feature is exclusive option preventing the game client from being run without assistance of IGC.Runner. This is very important system to assure usage of latest and unmodified game client while connecting to the server

Auto-Update System

The heart of the IGC.Runner is built-in auto-update system serving updates with assistance of Connect Server to which the Runner is linked to