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ToolKit to manage your server easily

The ToolKit is an application that provides a range of tools that help you manage the server. Advanced and easy editing, files comparison feature, server-side exporters and much more.

ToolKit - Flexibility Freedom

Flexibility of content data

Most of data displayed in ToolKit is managed trough configuration files which work as database for the tools. ToolKit offers you freedom of customization of the editors content - add custom map images, update items, monster or maps database, that's make the ToolKit one of greatest tool of its kind

ToolKit helps you manage almost anything

A powerful set of editors to manage server and client files

Monster List and Spawns Editing

Manage monsters and their spawn trough friendly-to-read-and-use editor. A simple and powerful tool will allow you to setup monster spots fast and easy. You can define monsters map to spawn your spot, select spot type, set monsters quantity, spawn range, monster attributes and direction monster look at after spawn.

On the top of that you are able to edit monster statistics in real time of adding the spot to the map, e.g. edit monster attack power or defense, equip monster with elemental attributes and much more.

All default monsters are displayed in monster preview area nicely tied into the editor window.

Editors - Monsters and Spawns

Editors - Spots Preview

Spots Preview

Spots areas printed on the map view - this another advantage of Monster Spawn editor offered by ToolKit. Manage advanced spotting of the monsters among many different locations. The map view shows them clear way what allow you to determine range of the spots and areas of the map which would require better coverage. The spots print give you better imagination about multi spot areas and single-spot monsters.

Shop Editing

With visual shop editor configuring server Merchant NPCs becomes real fun. Real-time search of the item database allows you to locate expected item very quickly. Set desired item level, apply skill, luck and range of available options with single click. Mistakes are not a trouble anymore - simply select item in current view of the shop, change item configuration and update it with one hit. Additional benefit is ability to load existing shop files so modifications are piece of cake.

Editors - Shops

Editors - Event Item Bags

Event Item Bags

Event Item Bags can be assigned to event or monsters - they are a bag storing items to drop in specified criteria.

Now the criteria and items can be managed trough editor offered by ToolKit. It will guide you trough the process with nicely organized configurables. ToolKit can support very extended version of Item Bags available only for IGC Server Suite file but also TXT version popular among different files

The Cash Shop

Cash Shop is built-in game shop system allowing players to purchase items directly in game for previously purchased (via external modules) Coins. ToolKit brings you most advanced editor of the Cash Shop available in the market. It leaves you freedom of choice what currency the items will be offered for (selection of 3). Ability to define own shop categories is very important feature making every shop very unique.

Items can be added to the shop in three forms - single item, multi-items and package of the items. Gifting system available within the system allows to define which item can be sent as gift. Every purchase can be additionally configured with bonus Coins reward for making a purchase.

Editors - The Cash Shop

Editors - Drop Manager

Drop Manager

Exclusive editor dedicated for unique Drop Manager system available within IGC Server Suite packages. Configuration of drop was never such easy as now. Advanced and complex drop managing system together with ToolKit visual editor make it a very powerful set to customize server drop. Define character classes, their levels, select map locations and monster type - have a not limited control of items rotation among your players and server.

Chaos Cards Editor

The Chaos Cards are special cards which can be exchanged for exclusive items. The rewards are managed by many configurables allowing to define range of criteria of exchanging the cards. All of them are tied in nicely organized editor which will allow to define all rules quickly what will save your time. As most of our editors this one is equipped with real-time items database search and instant preview of selected item.

Editors - Chaos Cards

Editors - Monster Item Drop Rate

Monster Drop Rate

One of exclusive systems to manage drop of items from monsters is Monster Item Drop Rate designed to control selection of items mostly dedicated to most popular Jewels and Magic Scrolls.

The editor will allow you to go quickly trough every monster level and adjust rates with few clicks - system will automatically calculate rates of other positions.

Map Tag Editor

Since Season 9 release of IGC Server Suite we have bring ability of managing mini map tags directly from server files.

The tags can be used to display popular town entrances, portals, shop locations or even monster spots. The editor has been designed exclusively to make tags editing easier and faster.

Editors - Map Tags

Editors - News Manager

News Manager

News Manager is one of systems allowing to keep players informed an automated. It sends pre-defined information as global server notification on an interval basis.

Another handy editor coming as a part of Premium versions of ToolKit. Manage your server news quickly and keep a track of them with nice sided-list.