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Premium Launcher Trap (bad purpose)

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We are igc customer since Dec 2015 newly for 6 months and I am happy to be customer of igc and their files and service I can say that I appreciate with.

Server files, toolkit and all fine for us but one thing since the begining hurt us a lot.


We lost many player because of igc team's purpose about to promote premium launcher with a bad politic on free launcher.

Not to provide auto update and resolution/window mode options for igc quality files are most unfair purpose for a high quality team I think.


Here is my first topic in the first week we bought igc files s6 ep3



Just for that autoupdate system we lost %70 of players in the first start and our server died. All our investments and works gone for nothing because we saw many people who report "I can't connect to the game?" and "cashsshop doesnt work!" after some patches like IGC.dll or cashshop files. Many players don't know how to patch, even you add guide some people will quit before checking it for sure. Even I wrote "UPDATE PATCH! GET NEW CLIENT" I saw %20~30 online players cound down after each patch we did. And from Feb 20 start we died in April 22.


Now we made a new start on May 7 and had good players with a new full client. And igc team was released free patcher but see what ? no resolution/window mode selector. Gives one feature and takes other one. Force us to buy igc premium launcher. That's bad. That's the purpose we see. But igc team should know if we don't lose that players because of patch issue, we will buy premium launcher for sure. 

Unfortunately they sold their premium launcher to all "noob owners" who can't even configure one spot manually in files. And they wasting their time with those noob owner's report in the middle of configurations of their pro services.


Since the begining, never needed a help with configs in files from igc team. Had experience on free files in different versions for 4 years. And this thing I saw with igc made me feel bad. If we would be able to keep +100$ from donations the first thing we will do is buying premium launcher for more security and good looking launcher. But igc doesn't let me make more money with 2 basics of the game server we have to provide our players just to make more +100$ money. While they are expecting people buy premium launcher, they don't know more than 70 customers are losing more than 1000 players from auto update issue (if they have patcher now they ************ from resolution/window mode)


So I hope my "bad credit" feedback changes things for igc team's politics on new customers.. Provide "basic features of a game server" to your customers if you want them make more money and buy your latest features..


Sorry for this bad post,

and thanks for all other works to igc team.

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  • IGC Management

Nobody forces you to anything. Please be informed that you also had opportunity to use any sort of free auto-updates systems that are available from internet, so avoiding to use it by you is not our fault at all :)


We provide free tool named IGC.Patcher which offers fully featured auto-update system which works in cooperation with Connect Server. Additionally you have a tool named Resolution Selector which allows your players to select desired resolution.


Additionally, nobody stopped you to use any sort of 3rd party or own tools / way to select desired resolution. The initial version of Patcher does not offer option to select resolution, however it does not prevent you anyhow to use it or to use it together with screen resolution selection. I believe that players do not change the resolution every single time they launch the game so your complaint is not accurate to the described situation. Most of players sets resolution once and never changes it again. We also clearly stated that later version of Patcher will have the resolution selection added along with several more options, however - the Patcher tool is no highest priority development we want to focus now, most important for us is now quick release of Season 10.


This means we do not stop all other work because you make sort of request. We continue our schedule and review requests once come to the stage of reviewing them.


Anyway, if you were unhappy of any of the above you always had opportunity to purchase Premium Launcher which is completed product with all features you could look for. Nobody stopped you to get it.

Remember that you are server Administrator and this is you who manage your server. You decide how you manage your server and what sort of additional software / resources you use along with it. Therefore please do not put the responsibility on us - our software functioning properly if comes to all the features we offer within it.


Basically you are not happy because you postponed (without any special reason) usage of range of free 3rd party auto-patcher software available around internet and because we offer range of Premium Tools we claim extra payment for. This is at least funny for me that you complain about company because they offer selection of software to meet requirements of different Customers :)

Note that many people is not able to use Launcher Premium because of its complexity or they do not simply need so many features. This is why we introduced IGC.Patcher which now offers fully featured auto-update system. In future it will be stuffed with resolution selection and other basic options, however - apart of that nothing else will be added to Patcher.


P.S. Both of our Premium Tools are software developed by @Bigman and exclusively offered as addition to our offer. We do not gain a single cent for the Tools.


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In the ragezone, if you tell people IGC server files don't have auto update in connectserver, everyone laugh at us...

If you tell them there is "patcher" for free but no windowmode/resolution selector. Then they laugh at us again.


"Autoupdate" is the most important thing your customers need at start when they bought your base files. I don't tell for myself. I already lost many things in the beginnings from this. I woke up after our experiences in time.Of course I will blame you because you provided me best server files with no auto update :) I will buy your launcher premium after I made hard work and made some donations from new start.



Purpose of this topic, if you would provide a simple auto update with your free launcher. I wouldn't lose my all players in previous run and I would buy your premium launcher months ago. And I wouldn't lose so much money and hard work in time.


I am telling again, untill you dont provide a simple auto update for your new customers, they will lose many players with every patch. They ************, igc team loses customers. mu online game lose lovers.


If adding autoupdate to free launcher "SO HARD". Then forget everything I wrote about this...

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  • IGC Management

You have problem reading? We provide auto-update tools since some time already - IGC.Patcher.


We have so many Customers and most of them did not have any sort of problem to organize their own auto-update system for their servers - seems you are first person having such problem. There are at least 3 free auto-update tools on rage-zone so I do not see any reason you avoided to use them if you were unhappy with our files.


Posting bad feedback about entire service because of not meeting your individual needs is not the way to gain it - we does not work this way. I already mentioned, we work in our schedules and you should be able to manage your server even using 3rd party resources not coming from us. You as server Administrator should be able to do it.

I already said in many topics and gave official announce that Launcher (Free) version will be removed from our site once we will feature IGC.Patcher with complete set of options. For now IGC.Patcher is fully featured auto-updater. Future updates will bring resolution selection option + music/sound. For now you can use Resolution Selection tool also offered by us for free.

If you are uncomfortable waiting then go to RageZone and use one of 3 free auto-update releases or purchase Launcher Premium. You have wide selection of moves you could make, so if you ************ or money then only because you avoid to taking a move.


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  • 10 months later...


Future updates will bring resolution selection option + music/sound.



Hello there. I did noticed this thread is about a year old and this has been announced quite a while ago, however no progress has been made into implementing resolution change option, window mode and music/sound. My question is that if the IGC Patch will get this attention soon or the idea has been abandoned? Thanks.

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