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MonsterInterval plugin suggestion

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I took the liberty of creating a file to present the idea, this would really be very useful for any and all administrators active here.
The idea is to allow us to set specific spawn intervals for raids and bosses so that they are not monopolized by our players.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
// ============================================================
// == www.igcn.mu
// == (C) 2022 IGC-Network (R)
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
// == File is a part of IGCN Group MuOnline Server files.
// ============================================================
//~~ This is a product developed by IGCN, it is an exclusive customization and can be purchased in the plugins section
//  # Monster Index:  Monster Index listed in \Data\MonsterList.xml
//  # TimeToStartHour:    -1 Ignore this function ( If put value > 1 the first spawn of the monster will be release on the Hour seted here)
//  # TimeToStartMinute:  -1 Ignore this function ( If put value > 1 the first spawn of the monster will be release on the Minute seted here)
//  # TimeInterval: Interval in hours separated by ; for monster appearance
//  # TimeFixed: If set to 0 the monster will be spawned via its RegTime settings defined in \Data\MonsterList.xml
//  # Invasions:
//  # MonsterIndex: listed in \Data\MonsterList.xml
//  # BuffType: After the invasion, the monster appears with a personalization aura for better visualization of special monsters/invasions
//  # BuffDuration: Time the effect will remain on the monster in seconds
//  # DescNameAura: The text set here will be shown above the monster's name
  <Monster Index="746"  TimeToStartHour="-1"  TimeToStartMinute="-1"  TimeInterval="3;8;12"  TimeFixed="0" />
  <Monster Index="716"  TimeToStartHour="2"   TimeToStartMinute="30"  TimeInterval="2;6;8"   TimeFixed="0" />
  <Monster Index="734"  TimeToStartHour="8"   TimeToStartMinute="15"  TimeInterval="4;8;12"  TimeFixed="0" />
  <Monster Index="794"  TimeToStartHour="-1"  TimeToStartMinute="-1"  TimeInterval="2;8;16"  TimeFixed="0" />

<!-- Special buff aplly for Special Invasions -->
  <Invasion MonsterIndex="25"  BuffType="0"  BuffDuration="300"  DescNameAura="[Special]: IceQueen" />
  <Invasion MonsterIndex="49"  BuffType="3"  BuffDuration="300"  DescNameAura="[Special]: Hydra" />
  <Invasion MonsterIndex="135" BuffType="7"  BuffDuration="300"  DescNameAura="[Special]: White Wizard" />  


This is my idea ? 

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