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  1. This guy just doesn't stop amazing me.
  2. Zentinial

    Jewel of Excess Controls

    I want to the option to limit Jewel of Excess to regular items (not ancient/non mastery) I don't care about drops - I can control this already.
  3. I need the ability to define which monster indexes will drop loot for the player that deals most damage. Today I have some indexes that are not considered bosses by default where I require these indexes to drop loot based on most damage, not last hit. The last hit model screws over a lot of people. Thanks chiefs
  4. I'd like to see another option within the jewel of excess system so that we can control if the jewel can be applied to ONLY ancient items(non mastery) vs every other item type. Today we have: ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;-- Allow use of Jewel of Kondar and Jewel of Excess with regular set items (Ancient) items, 0/1 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ExcRegularSetItem = 1 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;-- Allow use of Jewel of Kondar and Jewel of Excess with mastery set items (Ancient) items, 0/1 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ExcMasterySetItem = 0 I want to add something like this: ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;-- Allow use of Jewel of Kondar and Jewel of Excess with regular items (non ancient, non mastery) ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ExcRegularItem= 0
  5. Gentlemen of the IGCN High Table (John Wick reference for you scrubs) I believe we can further enhance the recent HWID/IP connection changes introduced in S2. In the current model, if a server is to limit 5 accounts max per PC we are forced to enable 5 accounts per hwid for live players AND 5 accounts per hwid for off players. This means in the current model a server with a limit of 5 accounts per PC can technically enable a player to have 10 accounts running per PC. Solution: I am proposing we put aside our differences, close the barriers between on/off and have a combined limit. HWIDConnectionLimit_General_Group + HWIDConnectionLimit_OffPlayer_Group = Total_Account_ConnectLimit_Group This total would be inclusive of offline and online accounts so this way we can maintain a server's truly intended connection per pc limits. ❤️
  6. Zentinial

    MonsterInterval plugin suggestion

    In my opinion, we need random respawn first - MinRespawnHour + RandomHour = RespawnTime
  7. Zentinial

    Random Spawner

    Bump - Please for the love of whatever you believe in - give us Random Monster Spawners. Just like Ferea: MinRespawnHour + RandomHour = RespawnTime This formula should be applicable to individual monster IDs, meaning I should be able to have different respawn times for each monster index number should I config this way. Boss and events of course can be excluded - If a monster ID is specified in this config it will by pass the default regen rate in MonsterList.XML I’d pay for this
  8. Transmog for MU - https://www.wowhead.com/transmog Would be interesting concept, then play 2 win servers can sell skins instead of perks ?
  9. Zentinial

    Add Gaion to Instance System

    This is why we pay you the big bucks business daddy! I believe! ? Appreciate you looking into this - this is a HUGE quality of service improvement for admins and players.
  10. Zentinial

    Release S

    Can confirm - once you enhance the Elemental buff skills - they do not work.
  11. Zentinial

    Release S

    Hi Wizzy, can we adjust this value in client? Wondering what file controls it? I think it's important we hash protect it so others cannot edit it and make it OP
  12. Zentinial

    Release S

    .45 do not have this issue
  13. Addcoin is enabled = Player Max Level 850 - If a level 851 character kills Ice Queen (screenshot below)- they will not get item, but they get the GP. I think the player max level should count for EVERYTHING (meaning if 851 char kills this ice queen they should NOT get the GP reward) The MIN/MAX LEVEL attribute should apply for the FULL item bag.
  14. Today we are limited to only allowing 1 party to enter Gaion at a time. The only way party #2 can join is if the 1st party WARPS out of the first Gaion Zone. If the first party is AFK it kind of screws the other players too because it will not allow the second party to warp. I think it would be fantastic if we can have simultaneous Gaions, so there isn't a 500 person queue to get in. Maybe we can add Gaion to the Instance System. Thanks.
  15. Zentinial


    Check Common.ini - ADD HARMONY TO ANCIENTS (you need to enable this) In previous versions this option never worked (< .36) On versions .36 and below the user can add harmony to ancients even if the option was turned off. Now on .37 and greater, you need to enable this setting in order for it to work. So essentially, this setting was broken for god knows how long and it's magically fixed now ?
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