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JewelUpgradeSystem Restriction Improvement

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I have been playing around with it for a bit now and there are other things you might consider in the future since this is a very nice and powerful addon! 

Here are some findings to consider: 
Finding Number 1: Creating "Jewel of Ancient"
SetItem="0" - This only checks if item is required to be ancient. There is no limitation to this, so if an item is ancient it already meets condition 0 and condition 1. 

This is an example of a Jewel that turn ANY item into ancient.

<Item Cat="-1" Index="-1" ItemMinLevel="0" ItemMaxLevel="15" Exc="0" SetItem="0" Success="100" RewardCat="-1" RewardIndex="-1" RewardLevel="0" FailPenalty="-1" RewardSetItem="1" RewardExc="0" RewardSocket="0" />


Once the item has been turned into ancient with the jewel, you can still spam the jewel on the same item and it will do nothing. 

Solution: (change the current 1 and 0 system ) to:

1 - Any item 

0 - must be regular

1- must be ancient

Finding Number 2:
Would be useful to extend  <IgnoreItemList> function with special cases such as SetIntem="1" and not only Cat and index. 

   <Item Cat="4" Index="7" ItemMinLevel="0" ItemMaxLevel="0" Exc="0" SetItem="1" >      
   <Item Cat="-1" Index="-1" ItemMinLevel="0" ItemMaxLevel="0" Exc="0" SetItem="1" > 

A. If you have item levels you can then include items such as box of luck +1,2,3,4 etc. 
B. You can restrict the system from using a jewel on specific case items like Ancient items. (this also solves the first finding as you would then restrict set items )

Finding Number 3:
RewardExc="1" -
Adds 1 Extra Excellent option, that is nice, but the problem is it can add the same option = wasted jewel again. In reality is a new "roll" of excellent option not addition. 

Add excellent options according to index or some way to prevent adding the same option on top of another.

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im  looking for the same!  we should be able to create Jewels that allow only Regular Items  and not always ancient.

it could be divide by 3 im not sure if thats possible.  but if is  divide by ancient or regular is enough!

0 Regular Items

1 Mastery Items

2 Ancient-Regular Items like old ancient and no mastery

actually we can add exc to all items with same jewel... doesnot matter if is ancient or regular , is just out of control. because is working on this way

SetItem="1" = must be ancient

SetItem="0" = can be ancient or regular


so it mean that if you have aserver no reset then you want to make a Jewel only for  items regular you cant.

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