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LimitedUseCommand Improve

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I think limitedusecommand needs a handy tool that can initialize command limits. For example, I think that an option to set the

time so that the same command can be applied only once in 24 hours, or an option to initialize the limit manually is necessary.

Example 1) essential tool - limitedusecommand reset

Example 2)

limitresettime="48" (hours)

limitresettime="0" no reset

Currently we have to modify the database to use that command again.

Otherwise, have to create a new command again.


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Totally agree, being a paid plugin, it would be good to improve it in that same sense, that the command can be used by time, that every time you set it restarts, but it would also be a very good function, if it were a command of a only use.
For example, it does not matter if you establish that it can only be changed once per ID OR CHARACTER, if there is an option that says that it can only be changed 3 times, either per account or id, but that the limit is three times, if a user 4 wants to change it so that the system notifies him that the three available times have already been changed, this improves the system because it can lend itself to events where you drop letters of the command and you can establish that only certain user numbers make the change, and another thing that would be good if they have an expiration time, for example, a code for 24 hours, in order to keep the community more active, without the admin taking time away, removing or changing the code.

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